Below is a video where I discuss how that no matter who is selected president of the United States, the Illuminati gets their man. People wonder what Joe Biden is going to do if he becomes president. I can tell you exactly what he is going to do, and that is he is going to follow the script that is given to him. That is what Donald Trump has done as president, he has followed the script and the plan of the Global Cabal who controls world events. Every president follows the script, and no matter if there is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, the agenda of the Global Cabal is what gets carried out under whatever puppet appears to be in power. Dont worry yourself about what Joe Biden will do, or what Trump will do, because they are giving the illusion that they are making the decisions. If you want to worry about anything then worry about what their script is going to be. The agenda and the plan for all countries on the planet is to be brought under one centralized global government, and the Great Reset that is unfolding is that plan. If you want to know what Trump will do or what Biden will do, it boils down to which ever puppet is selected by the Cabal to read the script, (teleprompters and speech writers and all), they will be the puppet that reads that script right into the New World Order aka Great Reset. Just look at the former presidents who are now involved in this global takeover, Bush, Clinton, and Obama all 3 smiling together for the camera telling the public that they are going to get the Covid vaccine live on television. Look at former presidential candidate John Kerry who has openly and publicly been working to bring America into the Great Reset. Trump has been pushing the vaccine and even said he plans to have the military distribute it to the population! Watch the video below where I discuss this further!



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