My fitness journey

By John Litteral As I am reaching my 50s, I look back and I am thankful for getting into fitness training in my early 20s. I was always very active as a child and in my teen years. I did not play many sports, but I enjoyed outdoor activities such as playing with neighborhood kids,Continue reading “My fitness journey”


Concerning 911, I do not prefer the term “inside job”

By John Litteral I recently heard an excellent conversation about 911 by Jason Bermas and Richard Grove on Richard’s podcast. Jason Bermas explained how he does not like to use the term “inside Job” when describing who was responsible for 911. He articulated it so well that I had to adopt that articulation myself, withContinue reading “Concerning 911, I do not prefer the term “inside job””

911: Living in a Lying World

If you believe the official 9-11 narrative, I have some other nose-stretchers for you. How about Biden won the 2020 election, COVID is a real pandemic and the “vaccines” will keep you healthy. By Mike Stone( is the 21st anniversary of 9-11. Use it as a marvelous opportunity to learn who in your life is lyingContinue reading “911: Living in a Lying World”

It may be Biblical, but does that mean it is from God? My analysis

By John Litteral September-2-22 I get questions sometimes like, “Is the rapture Biblical?” Or is this Biblical, or is that Biblical, etc. That is a very common thing that I have come across for many years. And when it comes to various doctrines and dogmas that Christians hold such as the rapture, once in graceContinue reading “It may be Biblical, but does that mean it is from God? My analysis”

What is the Illuminati?

Politics has banished Religion from public discourse but religion still offers the best understanding of politics. The essence of political struggle is actually spiritual, a cosmic battle between God (Good) and Satan (Evil) for the soul of mankind. The Illuminati represent organized evil which has conquered most of our social institutions. The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is a reminder thatContinue reading “What is the Illuminati?”

Tuesday Headlines 8-23-22

Hundreds of Children Diagnosed With ‘Childhood Dementia’ – Doctors Baffled ________________________________________ Trusted News Initiative: Orwellian Global Ministry of Truth POSTED BY: DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA AUGUST 19, 2022 > The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was founded by the BBC in July 2019. While TNI claims to promote democracy and freedom, its purpose for being is global information controlContinue reading “Tuesday Headlines 8-23-22”