My name is John Litteral, I consider myself a researcher and seeker of truth. I have written and published numerous books in the past, mostly religious literature, but I have been focusing on current events as of late and have written and published a book called HANDBOOK ON THE POWERS THAT “SHOULD NOT” BE I host a website called litteraltruth.com and I also am a co-host for a podcast called UNITED BY TRUTH

I am not a supporter of politicians or political parties, and would be categorized by many as being an anarchist/voluntarist. I usually just refer to voluntarist since the word “anarchist” has been completely misrepresented these days, and I suggest people to click onto the hyperlinked word anarchist for an accurate description of the meaning, which is an excerpt from my book that I mentioned above. But I prefer to not use labels on myself or my identity and I consider truth-seeker as my true self identity.

This past year since the whole COVID fake pandemic began, I have devoted myself to a daily campaign of research and outreach to shed light on the dark agenda that has been waged upon humanity. I highly recommend people to subscribe to this website in order to receive email notifications every time a new blog page is published. I also highly recommend people to subscribe to my BitChute channel in order to be notified every time I publish new videos.

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