Saturday Headlines 8-14-22

FBI FALSE-FLAG OHIO SHOOTING. DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS THE AGENDA. _____________________________________________________________ Is the COVID Scam Over? It’s Over: CDC Says People Exposed To COVID No Longer Need To Quarantine Unvaccinated people now have same guidance as vaccinated people. “Sorry you guys had to miss your grandmother’s funeral, but at least you don’t have to quarantineContinue reading “Saturday Headlines 8-14-22”


The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on the warpath! What is the agenda?

By John Litteral Manufactured wars, food shortages, fake pandemics, false-flags, PSYOPs (psychological operations) carried out to “justify” responses for swift legislation and bills to create a more dystopian police state, extreme divide and conquer based upon the fake left-right paradigm, etc. It does not take a genius to look around and see that war hasContinue reading “The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on the warpath! What is the agenda?”

Thursday Headlines (Show-notes for 8-11-22)

IRS Job Posting Seeks Special Agents Who Will ‘Carry a Firearm and be Willing to Use Deadly Force’ _______________________________________________ VAERS COVID VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS Through July 15, 2022: · 29,635 deaths · 169,426 hospitalizations · 55,540 permanently disabled ________________________________________________ SOURCE: Robert Malone – Everything you wanted to know about the WEF but were afraidContinue reading “Thursday Headlines (Show-notes for 8-11-22)”

Everything you wanted to know about the WEF but were afraid to ask

PLEASE ATTRIBUTE THE MALONE INSTITUTE AND THE PHAROS FOUNDATION/MEDIA PRODUCTIONS FOR THEIR WORK IN CREATING THIS DOCUMENT, IF YOU REPUBLISH THE LIST. “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders. (YGL)” Klaus Schwab (2017) Who are the globalist members of the tradeContinue reading Everything you wanted to know about the WEF but were afraid to ask

Beware of the Trump PSYOP!!

By John Litteral This morning I made a video discussing the latest news concerning Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago Florida being raided by the FBI. My main warning in the video was for people to not be fooled by this because it is just a staged psychological operation. Donald Trump is a “Patriot Appeasement Program“.Continue reading “Beware of the Trump PSYOP!!”

Lying is Their Most Powerful Weapon

August 8, 2022 They Weaponized Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance takes place when the official state and mass media narrative is contradicted by the evidence. The solution for most people is to ignore the evidence. We need to ignore the official narrative instead. They are “gaslighting” us – tricking people into adopting self-destructive behavior like taking a toxicContinue reading “Lying is Their Most Powerful Weapon”


Pfizer documents & official real-world data prove the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines are already causing Mass Depopulation Covid-19 vaccination is causing mass depopulation. This is an extremely bold claim to make. But unfortunately, this bold claim is backed up by a mountain of evidence contained in the confidential Pfizer documents and official Government data from aroundContinue reading “Headlines”

Litteral Truth Headlines (8-8-22)

The BIS Is Orchestrating The Big Switch To Digital Currency The entire global financial system is now essentially a technocommunist black ops money laundering crime scene. Central banks, their wall street coconspirators and the major corporations are all colluding in ushering in their hyper-centralized CBDC dystopia. This central bank “currency” will of course be indistinguishablyContinue reading “Litteral Truth Headlines (8-8-22)”