Marines Mutiny Over Mandatory Vaccination

Marines Mutiny Over Mandatory Vaccination August 11, 2021 (Berger, left)“If you try to forcibly vaccinate even one of my Marines, you better come armed,” Gen. Berger, told Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin.Unfortunately, this story comes under the category of “Headlines We’d Like to See.”An even better one would be “US Military arrests Commie criminals Biden and Pelosi.”But thisContinue reading “Marines Mutiny Over Mandatory Vaccination”


“Cyber Polygon” – Satanists Use the Internet to Control Mankind

“Cyber Polygon” – Satanists Use the Internet to Control Mankind August 10, 2021 Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship recently appeared on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s podcastto discuss cyber warfare, digital ID, transhumanism,and their implications in the emerging globalist tyranny.The WEF is discussing the potential threat of a worldwide cyber attack referred to as “Cyber Polygon” resultingContinue reading ““Cyber Polygon” – Satanists Use the Internet to Control Mankind”

CDC Concentration Camps!!

Below are some images from the movie The Crazies, which I have always considered to be predictive programming of what likely is intended to happen at some point. Innocent people rounded up like cattle over a “virus” outbreak, which the government took excessive action while the order-following military soldiers detained innocent people and threw themContinue reading “CDC Concentration Camps!!”