War on the Unvaxxed

Dave Hodges – War on the Unvaxxed August 27, 2021I hate to be the bearer of so much bad news but we don’t havethe luxury of hiding our heads in the sand. The level of complacency isastounding given the danger we find ourselves in.I would love to be 100% wrong. The situation is demoralizing butContinue reading “War on the Unvaxxed”


Video Series for 911 20th year anniversary

911, WHO DID IT? THE GLOBAL CABAL (EPISODE 1) ______________________________________________________________________ 911, THE NEW PEARL HARBOR (EPISODE 2) _________________________________________________________________ 911, THE ISRAELI SPY RING AND DANCING ISRAELIS. (EPISODE 3) ________________________________________________________________________________ 911, THE MASSIVE INSURANCE SCAM AND LARRY SILVERSTEIN (EPISODE 4) ______________________________________________________________________________ 911, THE ROLE OF THE DEEP STATE (EPISODE 5) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 911, BUSH, BIN LADIN, ANDContinue reading “Video Series for 911 20th year anniversary”

Is the PCR test a Soul-Killer?

Is the PCR test a Soul-Killer? August 25, 2021 As of August 24, over two billion Covid 19 tests have been administered worldwide. The pineal gland was described as the “Seat of the Soul” by RenĂ© Descartes. WHO insider Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger asserts that if there wasn’t a deeper agenda behind the PCR-test, there would be no need to stick aContinue reading “Is the PCR test a Soul-Killer?”

The Noose Draws Tighter; Soon You’ll be Dead

Gary D Barnett – The Noose Draws Tighter; Soon You’ll be Dead August 24, 2021 (left, Illustrator David Dees died May 31, 2020. He was truly a great visionary. Watch this doc about him.)Americans are mostly complacent and compliant in the face of their impending demise. A pandemic with asurvival rate of 99.7% is not a pandemic.Continue reading “The Noose Draws Tighter; Soon You’ll be Dead”

When Government Goes Rogue

When Government Goes Rogue August 23, 2021 Re.”Our grave concerns about the handling of the COVID pandemic by Governments of the Nations of the UK. We write as concerned doctors, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals with no vested interest in doing so. To the contrary, we face personal risk in relation to our employmentContinue reading “When Government Goes Rogue”