SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 18 Here we see the proclamation of the fall of Babylon, meaning that the nations and people of the world who follow atheism and materialism have been destroyed, and now there are only those who piously follow God and those who piously follow the Antichrist, nothing in between. Many people will be devastated because the source of wealth and greed will be whippedContinue reading “BIBLE STUDY ON REVELATION CHAPTER 18”



SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 17 The Great Harlot is specifically here an empire made up of many nations in the end times that will be very secular, atheistic, and materialistic. She is symbolically called Babylon since Babylon means ‘confusion’ and she causes mankind spiritual confusion. The spirit of the Great Harlot has been in the world throughout history within all the great empires andContinue reading “BIBLE STUDY ON REVELATION CHAPTER 17”

Bible Study on Revelation chapters 15-16

SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 15 Here we see the saints of the Great Tribulation praising and worshipping God. They are seen here to have endured until the end (see Matt. 24:13). Now the last judgments on earth are to be unleashed upon those who reject God and persecute His Church. 1 Then I saw another portent inContinue reading “Bible Study on Revelation chapters 15-16”

Bible study on Revelation chapter 14

SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 14 Here John sees the saints of the Great Tribulation worshipping God. They are seen to be very holy and devoted to God. John also sees God giving another attempt to let everyone hear the Gospel in order to repent before Judgment Day. John also mentions the fall of Babylon. Then JohnContinue reading “Bible study on Revelation chapter 14”