Litteral Truth Report 3-12-23

Is Banking Crisis Deliberate?

Soon we may be in the position of this depositor who put his faith in a banking system run by Satanists. Most people who have been robbed of their savings will gladly accept CBDC in exchange.
Silicon Valley Bank employees received annual bonuses hours before government takeover

Feds say there will be NO bailout for SVB despite fears of market meltdown as Biden holds crisis talks and it’s revealed bonuses were paid to staff just HOURS before bank collapsed

‘The government has 48 hours’: Billionaire investor Bill Ackman calls on Biden to bail out SVB by Monday MORNING or face catastrophic market meltdown and loss of tens of thousands of jobs

SVB had NO head of ‘risk assessment’ for nine months before it collapsed… as woke boss for Europe, Middle East and Africa was busy organizing a month-long Pride campaign and a ‘Lesbian Visibility Day’

Entitled SVB tech lefties looking for answers

Cypto universe threatened by SVB Collapse

USDC ‘Stablecoin’ Breaks Peg As Circle Admits Billions Stuck With SVB–

bank-mark-value.pngWells Fargo Customers Have “Incorrect Balances And Missing Transactions” Due To An Absolutely Massive “Nationwide Computer Glitch”
Silicon Valley Bank crisis sends shockwaves through Israeli high-tech


CIA and Mossad-linked Surveillance System Quietly Being Installed Throughout the US – By Whitney Webb

Gabriel’s product suite is built around its “smart shield” panic button. The panic button can be activated both manually and remotely and offers two-way communication, a live video feed, instant altering and gunshot detection by acoustic means. However, the panic button is meant to be used in tandem with company’s “threat detection” suite, which includes “smart cameras” that use AI, facial recognition and related technologies to detect not just weapons, but also “fights” and “abnormal behavior” of people in a particular area.


Robert Malone MD—Who’s on First at the WHO
The CCP Runs It – and We Must Leave It

“Unless the USA withdraws from the W.H.O., we will be bound by whatever a majority of its members agree upon, to the detriment of our national sovereignty and personal freedoms.”

If you disliked the way you and our country were treated in response to the COVID pandemic, you are going to hate what those who perpetrated the mask, lockdown and vaccine mandates intend to do to us next. The World Health Organization (WHO), led by its Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Chinese Communist Party that controls them, and the Biden administration are negotiating agreements that would allow Tedros to dictate public health policy in the United States and globally.


Just In: King Charles Opts To Keep Entire £650million Inheritance From The Queen, Leaving Siblings Baffled

“Andrew is in despair. He’s been left completely in the dark. Andrew’s a member of the family, for God’s sake, yet he had no idea this was coming. I gather he’s checked it out, and it’s true. It’s all gone “monarch to monarch.” ‘What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head? Things are going from bad to worse. It’s a disaster.”

Speculation on the financial situation has increased following the King’s refusal to pay a £32,000 bill for Andrew’s Indian yogi healer, who lives at Royal Lodge, Windsor, for up to a month at a time with the Yorks.


Dutch farmers inspired by Canadian freedom protests

Dutch Military blockades farmers from capital, multiple arrests


William Makis MD- Healthcare worker deaths from COVID-19 vaccines will be covered up – the tragic case of a 31 year old New Zealand nurse who died 4 days after her COVID-19 booster shot

Doctors and nurses mustn’t know that their colleagues are dying suddenly from the same COVID-19 mRNA vaccines that they are pushing daily on their own patients.
Vernon Coleman MD—We have no idea what the long-term consequences will be but it is absurd not to think that there will be long-term consequences. Official figures show the triple jabbed made up 92% of covid deaths. And the mortality rate in 2022 was lowest among those who rejected the lethal jabs.


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