Concerning 911, I do not prefer the term “inside job”

By John Litteral

I recently heard an excellent conversation about 911 by Jason Bermas and Richard Grove on Richard’s podcast. Jason Bermas explained how he does not like to use the term “inside Job” when describing who was responsible for 911. He articulated it so well that I had to adopt that articulation myself, with of course, my own additions. The reason I do not like to use the term “inside job” when referring to 911 is because in my opinion it makes it sound like it was only the United States government that carried that false flag operation out. Of course not everyone feels that way when they hear the term “inside job” in reference to 911, but throughout the years before I did my research on 911 I remember hearing that conspiracy theorists claim that 911 was an inside job and it gave me the impression that they were only referring to the American government and the Bush administration. But after years of research and learning more about those who did carry out the false flag of 911, I learned that there were many moving parts to 911 and a network, that is, an international intelligence operation with role-players from Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and yes, within our own government. This attack was multifaceted and I believe it was achieved through compartmentalization of many agencies. In other words it was carried out ultimately by the Illuminati. Also many people took part in 911 without fully understanding that they contributed simply because it was highly compartmentalized. It definitely was not Islamic terrorists with box-cutters and Bin Laden.

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