Scientific-Technocratic-Satanic Dictatorship & Long-Term Plan to Use Covid -19 “Frankenshots” To Destroy Humanity (Dyer-Jones Interviews, April 8 & 10, 2021)

Major books to which Jay Dyer Refers in Jones/Dyer interviews that describe the plan to transcend and genetically transform the human species and re-write the entire natural world; in chronological order:

1896: Wells., H.G., The Island of Dr. Moreau
1931: Russell, B., The Scientific Outlook
1932, Huxley, A., Brave New World
1953: Russell, B. The Impact of Science on Society
1958, Huxley, A., Brave New World Revisited
1967, Koestler, A., The Ghost and the Machine
1968: Day, R., Elite plan for the future of humanity (aka Day Tapes)
1970: Brzezinski, Z., Between Two Ages: The Role of the United States in the Technocratic Era
1972, Salk, J., Man Unfolding
1973: Salk, J., Survival of the Wisest
1984, Capra, F., The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture
2005, Lemov, R., World As Laboratory: Experiments with Mice, Mazes, and Men”
2006: Attili, J., A Brief History of the Future
2017: Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security, SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028 document, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and United Nations
2018: Schwab, K., Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

War-Game/Drills Leading Up to Covid-19 Pandemic:

2010: Lockstep Document (Rockefeller Foundation): “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development: 1) Lock Step — Tighter Top Down Government Control and Growing Citizen Pushback;” The Rockefeller Foundation and GBN (Global Business Network)
2017: SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028 document, Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and United Nations
2018: Clade X (A Pandemic Exercise); John Hopkins Center For Health Security, Bloomberg School of Public Health
2019: Event 201, A Pandemic Tabletop Exercise hosted by John Hopkins Center For Health Security, World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2019: Crimson Contagion- Functional Exerise was simulation run by President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), headed by Alex Azar. Participating agencies include the National Security Council, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Commerce, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, United States Department of Interior, United States Department of Justice, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of State, United States Department of Transportation, United States Department of Treasury, between others State and Local organizations, public and private.

Webmaster Introduction: These two groundbreaking Alex Jones- Jay Dyer interviews are truly of vital importance to understanding what is happening in our world today. Elite documents going back over 80 years that Dyer references here PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that global stalking-electronic torture operations AND the planned transhuman transformation of humanity via the Covid-19 “Frankenshots” are part of the same long-term plan. I provide my partial transcriptions of the interviews below.

As introduction, these two programs are the follow-up of the program that broke the story of the 2017 SPARS PANDEMIC Document 2025-2028 written by Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security:

Emergency Saturday Broadcast! World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

I. Dyer-Jones Interview 2: EMERGENCY BROADCAST: SPARS 2025-2028 Is The Blueprint For Total Collapse of Civilization (April, 10, 2021)

Webmaster’s Notes From Jay Dyer’s Segment (after 1:32 to 2:16)

Alex Jones: Who are they? What do they want? What is the global government?

Jay Dyer: Basically, we are looking here at a scientific dictatorship. If we go back about 100 years to the Royal Society in England, we can look at the elites in the UK, we find the idea that we can reformulate all society around a rational republic, a rational, scientific dictatorship, an idea that ultimately has its origins in Plato’s Republic. The idea is that we can reformulate society around A.I. or technology running everything. They have used many think tanks, Foundations, or NGOs, committees, Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR, have been working toward this objective. This central plan is what Lord Bertrand Russell called a “World Dictatorship of Technocracy.”

In his fictional book, of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” (1896), H.G. Wells gives us the idea of the “malleability of man,” the idea that man can be mutated into anything because he is just a meaningless mutation. We are all just random mutations out of the primordial soup. So it falls upon the scientific elite to take charge of the evolution process.

In Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (former National Security Advisor under Presidents Carter and Obama) book, “Between Two Ages: The Role of the United States in the Technocratic Era” (1970), on page 15, he states:

“The possibility of the future dictatorships will be such that human conduct can be predetermined and subjected to deliberate control. Biological and chemical tampering of what has now been considered the immutable essence of man will now be subject to this malleability, this plasticity.” He talks about the environmental and biological manipulation of the brain.

He also says we can tie this in to a skynet system. We’ll have a linked in system. On page 57, he also talks about the possibility of manipulating the weather through ELF, VLF EMFs and geoengineering.

In Jonas Salk’s very dark book “Survival of the Wisest” (1973; Of course, he regards himself and his scientific cronies as the wisest), he says that man is part of a species-wide collective (called “holons”) and the individuals within the collective have egos. But the individual of the future will have to be conformed to the collective and anyone that doesn’t conform to the scientific consensus will have to be gotten rid of because they constitute a sort of virus on mother earth.

(Here, he predicts the “gangstalking-electronic torture” program.)

In chapter 6, he talks about the possibility of experimenting with the eggs of women. He says we could inject virus and with RNA manipulation techniques that could either have advantageous or disadvantageous effects on the species. He is kind of getting at the idea that scientists will commandeer the reigns of evolution for the good of the species. They will have to make the hard decisions to kill most people. This will force the species to evolve. We will have to do experiments across the board on all species, not just man.

Arthur Koestler (Jew), in “The Ghost and the Machine” (1967) says because man is just a Frankenstein creature, man will have to go through the same kind of mutation process by the elite that produced him (in the natural selection-mutation and/or divine process) to begin with. So radical external stimuli will be required.

“The anatomical substrates that make up man in order to avoid the total annihilation of the species, we may even have to experiment on women’s birth cycles.” (This is the exact same thing that Salk said.)

Koestler left the so-called “Soviet Experiment” and became accepted in the British elite because he accepted this Malthusian doctrine. He was attending a CIA mind control conference with Dr. Holder Hyden when he says:

“The RNA manipulation of humans will be necessary to bring about the mutations of the species to save the species, and we will be using binary weapons. We will inject different types of chemicals into humanity which, over time, will interact with one another and be a kind of a soft-kill.” (paraphrasing Holder Hyden’s statement at CIA conference.)

Alex Jones: “This is the background of SPARS (The SPARS Pandemic Document, 2025-2028), this was the set up of it, the beta test, the development of the Covid-19 virus/vaccine drama that is now being rolled out. Now we are living the operational rollout of this. Now we have the former VP and head of scientist at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, saying they will use binary weapons, this will make your liver shut off, this will kill you, this is a plan to force evolution. He’s a defector against this.”

Jay Dyer: Koestler goes on: “Here at our disposal is to be used wisely or unwisely in an increasing array of agents that can manipulate humanity. It is now possible to act directly on the individual or to modify his behavior which in the past was only indirect through the environment. Now, this constitutes what Aldous Huxley calls the “final revolution.””

He goes on to say there will be pharmaceutical additives put in the tap water by big pharma in all areas of life. That’s just phase 1.

We should also look at Jacques Attali, known as the Kissinger of France, who wrote a book in 2006 called “A Brief History of the Future.” He talks about transhumanism, the global brain, and he says the future of medicine and the world order’s tracking system will come through big medicine, the health insurance/scam world. ( We know the Rockefellers took over medicine many decades ago). He says that nothing will be hidden in this future. Everything about your health and social life will be available to everyone. Everything will be known about everyone by everybody. In the future, you will self-police and eventually we will have a sort of nano-tech, nano-surveillance that will be present everywhere via this smart dust.”

(ETK Comment: This is the same idea presented by neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Persinger in his lecture “No more secrets” or “What Will the Future Be?” See * below.)

Alex Jones: “Huxley laid out this plan in 1932 in “Brave New World” and in “Brave New World Revisited” (1958). A lot of this is 50, 60, 70, 80+ years old. This is their master plan to make themselves God.”

Dyer: Attili says: “Everything will be monitored by bio-metric techniques, smart dust, nano-tech, and nano-blood.” The “bio-chemical view of man” is that man is just a bio-mechanical machine so he then can be manipulated via the environment and via the innoculations. The innoculations tie directly into the mRNA and the manipulation of the genetic code. Salk says there is going to be an mRNA manipulation. All these guys say the same thing. This will be the means by which they will create the kind of citizen they want in this global technocratic state.

Attili says this will happen after we will be hooked into the “global brain” via the internet of things and smart dust, etc. He notes that the transhumanists are the vanguard of this new movement. They are the tip of the spear of the New World Order.

Jones: Isn’t all this really just rape? It’s the scientific elite control freaks wanting us to accept that we have no will, they are our God, and our resistance is futile.

Dyer: Another futurist, Fritjof Capra, one of the radical ecologists, wrote: The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture” (1982). Here, Capra picks up where Arthur Koestler left off with the idea of holons. And he talks about how individuals of the species have to be conformed to the collective. There will no longer be the notion of the individual. All will be just cells in the collective. There is an assumption that man does not have any inherent dignity or intrinsic value or rights. So there will in the future be no notion of being an individual. All of us are just cells in the collective.

Jones: This is what the Illuminati tells us in “Childhood’s End” the debut book by Arthur C. Clark.

Dyer: Right. And he admits in that book that we are serving Karelon, this giant demon (laughs). In this book, Capra says “the biomedical model of the future will be tailored to your genome. It will be an entire social and cultural transformation and revolution that will come via medicine and this will be the key to the New World Order.”

So the way they want to sneak the New World Order in is through medicine. The propaganda is that we have to default to the medical authorities who are just passing on the propaganda of big pharma.

They say that the top global social engineers, writers, and futurists strategists will have “agents of change” (spies) in the culture who will promote the idea that the idea of the spirit of man, the idea that man has a divine nature, or a moral nature, or is made in the image of God, all this has to be stamped out. And we’ll bring it sideways through the backdoor via the medical establishment. And that all ties into the big insurance scams… All these big companies wanting all your data so they can know your entire genome and track and trace you.

He says the society needs to induce a kind of schizophrenia, citing CIA MKULTRA scientist, Gregory Bateson, saying schizophrenia dissociative states like shamans have are something we need to reintroduce into society. He’s basically talking about initiating everybody (into Luciferianism). He’s anticipating things like Burning Man, where the tech elite go to talk about instituting all these transhumanist plans.

Jones: Sure, these are lost people totally controlled by an evil force that are trying to project this.

How does the Spars document and the Covid lockdown tie in to this? How does this tie into their end game vs. the delusion they are following of trying to become Gods. Obviously, its an entity trying to get humanity to kill ourselves. What is your personal view of the origin of this, what it is, where it’s going?

Dyer: Well, it’s a hatred of man and the image of God in man. So I do think there is a spiritual component to this because man is a being who is not just a bio-chemical machine but he also has a spirit. Even Salk admits in his book that man has a metaphysical component to him. They talk like they are actually scared of that. Bertrand Russell says this has to be stamped out. Again, if it doesn’t exist why does it have to be stamped out?

Jones: Yes, we have free will. They are admitting that we are powerful. They want us to submit and be their tools. .

Dyer: Exactly. Bertrand Russell says the goal of the technocratic system is to create cogs. So how we can relate this to the SPARS document is simply to point out that this is just one in a line documents, which, as your video points out, also includes Event 201, Clade X, Lockstep, and Crimson Contagion. It’s a series of drills, or war exercises, war-gaming scenarios, that basically lay out possible ways to approach…. so they claim, IF this happens.. When in reality, we know that the drills are the cover for the actual operation.

We saw this with 9/11 and 7/7. The drills function as a cover for running the actual operation. We know that because in this SPARS document, with World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins running this exercise, this simulation fits perfectly like a script with the events that we’ve seen rolled in the last couple years. So even though the document says 2025-2028, it matches almost perfectly with events rolled out from 2020 to 2023. And that’s why we see the same numbers, the % of deaths, the hash tags, the same goofy rappers singing propaganda songs. This is proof positive that this is not an accident. This is actually a script.

Jones: For me, all the other documents were pre-training. This is a manual so they can understand what they are doing for their operatives during real time. General Flynn agrees that this is a real-time document and they are testing the mass death, the adverse effects, Hank Aaron dying, all towards this bigger event. And they feel very proud of what they are doing because they believe incredible mutations are going to come out of this and they now have a revolution for mRNA calling it vaccines with liability protections. So now they are globally legalizing testing on us and forcing us to do it. So this is the nightmare scenario. This is their big move. I was thinking this was just a beta test. I believe it is clear that they’ve gone fully operational.

Dyer: Exactly. 100 years ago, Bertrand Russell talks about that when they actually roll this out, when they start to manipulate mRNA and they have the mutations, it’s going to really mess things up, but it will be for the greater good in the long run. On page 150-151, of his book, “The Scientific Outlook,” the whole page is about the designer babies, the CRISPR. And even before he Russell wrote this, Lord Berkenhead wrote…… (Jones interrupts Dyer).

So all along we have this recurring idea that we humans are just plastic, malleable things without a nature of our own, we are just basically gumby, silly-putty people so the elite can then mold us into whatever they want. They refer to us as Frankenstein. We are like a Frankenstein lab creature that can then be molded into Frankenstein monsters. They say they can even create monsters. With genetic deformities, monstrosities, etc..

(Webmaster Comment: This is the Jewish concept of the “golem”- 1: an artificial human being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life. 2: something or someone resembling a golem: such as. a : automaton.)

Russell says this is OK because we will have to do all this to see what works and doesn’t work in order to ultimately find that Philosopher’s Stone of immortality. The idea is that nature holds the secrets to immortality, if we just commit enough death, sacrifice enough of humanity to the science gods, then we’ll find this key.

He states that this eugenics system will also to a technocratic future utopia but it will lead to mass death. In the “Impact of Science and Society,” he actually says maybe we need another Black Death. This is the Malthusian idea that we need more viruses to kill off more people.

Just as Prince Phillip, who died yesterday, said: “When I’m reincarnated, I’d like to come back as a virus to kill 80% of the world population.”

To tie this into where they want to take things with the mutations, in the last third of his book, “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2018), Klaus Schwab really gets wild. He talks about the reformation of the whole biosphere. The actual plan is a synthetic re-write of the biosphere. This is why they have these new legal classifications of new types of life forms, like hybrids, androids, etc., that get a new legal classification so that there is legal precedent, legal fiction, so they can experiment on all the animals of the earth, including man (we are animals), as well as re-writing and morphing and modifying man into another kind of being that will be post-man.

So he mentions that when the AI is in place, there will need to be smart dust everywhere to have the Internet of Things, and for that to work there will have to be 5G maybe even 6G. Then the AI will be sold to everybody as cool. It will be passed off as great to have nano-tech in your body. Nano-blood. With all the robots, and robots 3-D printing other robots, we won’t even need human labor or humans in the future. This will be sold as cool.

Jones: They are trying to trick us that we are animals without free will so they can be the upper crust that they design and decide free will and the destiny. This is so inherently fraudulent. How do we counter this?

Dyer: Yes, it’s a total fraud. They contradict themselves all the time even within a few pages of their own books. For example, Bertrand Russell, in “The Scientific Outlook” (1931) falls into solipsism… promoting the idea that everything is just a mental projection. That there is no real world. This is total fiction. His position is a pure subjectivist position. Jonas Salk does the same thing. He says we have to consider man as a purely material being, no spirit, no soul, no image of God. The religious traditionalists they are the real enemy. They have to die, they have to go away.

Jones: Yes, all over the world, they assault the churches. The Walmarts are open, but not the churches. Why is there this instinctive hatred of the church?

Dyer: Ultimately, because it’s demonic. Go back to the Tower of Babel, this story which is an archetype of fallen man wanting to erect this global control system.

Jones: So they want to play God. They want to be worshipped. And they want to rape you. You’ve got to take my shot or you can’t have a job. You’ve going to let me into your cells. I’m going to mark you.

Dyer: Salk has another book called “Man Unfolding” (1972) which talks of how the immune system doesn’t develop if you’re not allowed to go outside and get dirty. This creates a dependency, an irrational fear. This inculcates in youth a fear of the world, a fear of reality. It’s a psychological warfare trick that does not allow people to have a natural development of their own immune system.

Jones: It’s incredible how they admit all this in their own documents but when we cover it, they deny it. In fact, they themselves will admit something and then later deny it. Why do they do this?

Dyer: It’s a form of psychological warfare. It’s a kind of gaslighting. It’s what a narcissist does in an abusive relationship. This causes kind of a shock, a kind of a catatonic response. The can’t believe this is happening. They’ll actually begin to doubt their own sense perception. Go watch that movie, “Gaslight.” They try to trick the public.

This also has the effect of dumbing down. You can lower the IQ of the population en masse through all this bio-chemical warfare. It’s basic bio-chemical warfare. That’s all it is.

Jones: They claim they are doing random testing. But they trying to give us short attention spans, dumb us down, poison us, and sterilize us. They say they are building a superman but really they are killing everybody.

Dyer: Exactly. We can point out the inherent contradictions they make.

Jones: Where did all this being? I know it’s ancient technologies of control. You can go back Francis Galton 170 years ago. You can go back to Darwin, Huxley, H.G. Wells? When did this really get codified. Is it Huxley? Whose the granddaddy of the cult? No. this is the group running the planet. Who are they? Do they believe their own BS?

Dyer: The seeds of the technocratic system are all in the ancient world. And it was very numerical. They usually had a philosophy of a strict caste system. In that philosophy, all classes needed to be controlled in terms of their numbers.

Jones: That’s right, it’s a caste system masquerading as science.

Dyer: That’s why in “Brave New World” there’s a super-strict hierarchical caste system. Plato’s “Republic” is the ideal. The purity of the species had to be maintained in terms of the numbers. Noah’s ark is the model of the break-away civilization. That’s literally what they believe.

Jones: How’s it going for them in your view?

Dyer: It looks like there’s a lot of resistance, but as we know from the SPARS document, they foresaw this and have accounted for this. We know that H.G. Wells talked about resisters that will have to be destroyed. Unfortunately, they are getting a lot done. It’s up to us what we’re going to accept. Scripture talks about this model of everybody being tracked and traced- this the model of the Antichrist system. Of everyone not being able to buy and sell.

Jones: My bigger question is: Is there any way to get the establishment to get off this track that they keep getting on? You’d think would rebel and have their own thoughts. Why is this particular view of evolution or de-evolution so dominant? They are trying to exert full spectrum dominance, to control the compendium of ideas. Obviously, we go to the idea of an outside force. The Bible says it’s a fallen angel or alien to introduce viruses psychically to us to try to make us to destroy ourselves. Is there a way to get main psychic injector to stop, to get the establishment to quit?

Dyer: The system they are bringing in is self-destructive and inherently toxic. There is a fundamental contraction going on here. They really know that there is a metaphysical component of man. You can’t go against reality. Our best hope is point out that it is self-destructive.

The global elite may think they are going to get immortality out of this. But in reality, they won’t. It’s all because they have adopted the view that evil is just as necessary as good. This what Salk said in his book. He says we have to become pro-death. We can’t be pro-life anymore, we have to be pro-death. The ancient idea in medicine was to try to heal people and preserve life… (But now they’ve turned this upside down).

Jones: They have the nature of evil. They are destructive, predators, and are scum. They use morals against us to tie us down. Their nature is parasitic and bad and twisted. They’ve created an illusion of why they should be in charge. They are metaphysically, mathematically, culturally, and genetically bad and are cancer and should be rejected. And they will be rejected in the end.

Dyer: Right. You can’t say that nothing is true and everything I say arbitrarily is true. That’s a fundamental contraction. You can’t live a fundamental contradiction every day in your life. I don’t think this system will work because it is fundamentally unnatural, anti-human, and irrational. And all this only makes sense if there’s an evil, higher-level entity that’s behind this.

Jones: Exactly. I look at globalists. They are ugly, twisted, unhappy. Their families are destroyed. It’s as if they are under orders. As humans, we recoil from them, don’t we?

Dyer: Yes. I think anyone who retains their soul, their spirit, finds all this very repugnant and absurd.

Jones: What are they going to do when this is all rejected? So many in the general public are rejecting all this. There’s now a real rejection of Wall Street, the New World Order.

Dyer: They’ll double down. All they ever do is double down. This is the philosophy of never admitting they are wrong. The mode of operation they have is very similar to that of a psychopath in an abusive relationship. A psychopath never admits they are wrong, because they are narcissistic. They have no fundamental capability of ever admitting error. And that’s what they tell the CIA: Never admit error. Just always lie or double down. And these are psychological warfare tactics.

We can expect them always double down. To continue to promote non-stop lies, deception, gaslighting, psychological warfare. Because again, they are impelled by something spiritual. It’s not purely reason. It’s a spiritual thing that motivates and energizes these people to do this.

Jones: That’s right. There’s a template being projected here to make us to submit to this. Let’s talk about that Little Noss. What is this opening coming out of Satanism in popular culture…. What is that all about?

Dyer: It has multiple levels. On one level, it’s a kind of a degradation of the culture. You can debase the culture through toxic culture and degenerate media. Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells talked about doing that. On a deeper level, it does have a metaphysical component. It’s almost like a curse, almost like Voodoo. They think they are putting their power out there. I’ve been studying serial killers. This is something they would do, they would collect aspects of their victims. Jeffrey Dalmer thought he was getting metaphysical power. Ultimately, Aleister Crowley was into this.

It brutalizes man. It’s a theater of brutality. It’s a form aesthetic terrorism. You can debase people through toxic culture. It’s a form of psychological warfare. To mutate man to be post-man is the whole goal. Ironically, that’s exactly what Satan said.

Jones: So it’s a gigantic Satanic rebellion against God. We need to reject Klaus Schwab. We should reject Zbigniew Brezinski.

II. At 92 minutes on “EMERGENCY BROADCAST: SPARS 2025-2028 Is The Blueprint For Total Collapse of Civilization” April 10, 2021

Webmaster: My Notes From Dyer’s Analysis (Dyer begins at 4:10 in second link above)

Alex Jones: The major move against humanity is now. This is the great contest. You have the Lockstep document, Klaus Schwab of WEF, Disease X, all the drills, Bill Gates is the most powerful doctor on earth. And now we have the Spars Pandemic Document 2025-2028. They have been ordered to do this. This is separating the wheat from the chaff. The wheels are coming off. General Michael Flynn endorses our research on this.

Jay Dyer: I have tied the SPARS document in with the other documents that the elite have written over the past 100 years or so. Much of this meshes perfectly with Jonas Salk’s book, “Survival of the Wisest” (1973). The more we fall in love with death, the more the high priests of science can takeover the roll of God and steer evolution: In his book, Salks says man is just a mutation. He’s a “manimal.” They want to mutate us into other things. So mutation is their goal. Man doesn’t have an intrinsic nature. So we can just magically change him to whatever we want. That’s how this mindset thinks.

There is an illogical appeal to authority here.

The whole book is Malthusian. This and other books that are global elite texts say that medical tyranny is how this new global order needs to come into play.

Salk maintains that the species of mankind is a cancer. So he needs to be stamped out.

(Salk was the Nobel Laureate for curing polio with innoculations/vaccines.) But this is a propaganda operation. Certainly, he is one of the great demons of the death cult.

In chapter 7, he says if we inject viruses into pregnant women we can experiment on the eggs of those women. Again, man is a “manimal” that can be mutated. They want to mutate man to no longer be man to get rid of man. So man will be legally re-classified. No longer will he be called “human.” The Cornell Law Code defines us along with UN as human resources- as “man and other animals.” This gives the legal precedent for ways to experiment and change what the animal is. Just like testing on lab rats. Rebecca Lemov from Harvard has a book called “World As Laboratory: Experiments with Mice, Mazes, and Men” (2005). She talks about this attitude that the world is a science experiment.

Jonas Salk goes on to say there is nothing bad about disease or death or decay. It is part of the natural process, so scientists need to use death and decay to commandeer the evolutionary process. Salk says the scientific elite will have to make tough decisions about who lives and who dies. And the easiest way to do this is through a mass vaccination program.

Salk wrote another book, “Man Unfolding” (1972) in which he asserts man is just a random mutation process, so there is nothing wrong with getting rid of most of man. Who will be left? The scientific elite. Who is the worst enemy? Anyone like a traditionalist who doesn’t accept the total, atheist, Luciferian scientism, you have to die. You are in the way of the species evolving to Godhood.

Klaus Schwab says this too. He says when we inject mutations into the species, then we can re-classify everyone as a different species. This will override all our rights and laws. The 10 Commandments and all the major legal documents that guarantee human rights, such as The US Constitution, have to go. These will have to go away- these will be replaced by a “New Technocratic Covenant” (Klause Schwab’s phrase).

The UN has a Salk Institute that does brain-computer interface. Why? Schwab tells you in his book.

Another author, Fritjof Capra, in his book “Turning Point,” says we are going to follow the ideas of Arthur Koestler, and previous global elitists and adopt the idea that medicine is the key backdoor to bring in this New Order.

Capra references MKULTRA. Why is this relevant? Gregory Bateson and other MKULTRA scientists were studying pharmaceuticals. Capra says we have to take the MKULTRA/MKSEARCH/BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE research…. which later moved into Fort Detrick, Mariland and became bio-warfare and chemical warfare. And this also morphed into ELF and nanotech research. Indeed, DARPA and the enhanced super-soldier programs are the long-term end result of MKULTRA. These dozens of projects lead to cybernetics, and Dr. Norbert Wiener.

It’s about mutating man and doing a synthetic re-write of all humankind. And to end man.

This is what they say:: Through nano-tech and decades of MKULTRA research (including dozens of projects) and cybernetics with Dr. Norbert Weiner…. they want to end man. They all say they want to end man. I have covered 50+ of the global elite and their writings.

Lord Bertrand Russell, 100 years ago, said we will do this with diet, injections, injunctions, and all these scientific projects.

Capra says when the pharmaceutical industry advances to the point when we can change the human race. This is what Klaus Schwab is talking about with the Forth Industrial Revolution. This will be the next phase…. We evolve into the tech revolution that will only be for the select members of a small elite who move into the next phase of being post-human. Everyone else will die. That’s what ALL these books say.

This is about transcending and ending man!

One last document: There are a series of tapes and lectures called the Day tapes. Dr. Richard Day was an attendee of a conference that occurred in 1968-69 sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Population Council. The top doctors of the country who met to decide how talk about how to implement this overall plan. Participants included high level policy and think tanks. One doctor present, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, later went to the (Catholic) Pro-Life League and leaked the plan outlined by Dr. Richard Day, at this March 20, 1968 conference.

He said there is a long-term plan over many decades to have mandatory vaccinations and micro-chipping through new ways. There will be engineered total societal breakdown. There will chemicals added to the food and the water that will change DNA and mRNA.

This was going on at the same time as a mind control conference sponsored by CIA attended by Dr. Holder Hyden, one of the CIA scientists-social engineers. These scientists are not famous but they were high level government scientists. Hyden is mentioned in Arthur Koestler’s “The Ghost and the Machine.”

In that book, Hyden stated that we can change mRNA to reverse the kind of human beings we get. We can make men more feminine and women more masculine. We can converge the male and female towards each other and get the new human. This is no joke. You can hear the Dr. Day tapes. It matches perfectly with what you find in Salk.

So how do we move society to this new system. We do it through a long list of drills and exercises that script the real event. Drills are always the cover. These go on at the same time as the events. For example, 9/11, are 7/77 are drills that flipped live. This is a basic military black ops strategy to have plausibility in case the drill gets busted.

So the SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028 document, sponsored by Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and UN, written in 2017, describes a drill or war-game, which is actually pretty much what is going on now in the years 2020 to 2023. So these are the projections and plans for how it will all go down.

The document makes it clear that lower level government people will take the blame when things go wrong. Government is always is the shield. They will take the blame for what the real shadow government is doing. The government doesn’t really run things. The very smart people in the NGOs, think tanks, etc. are the real government. The government level people are the stooges who don’t know anything. In the document, the health officials are set to take the fall when things go wrong.

The SPARS document has so many similarities to what is going on now that it is obviously a plan, drill, script, scenario. These are war game documents. How do they respond when we point these things out? They gaslight, deny, and they accuse you of being crazy. This a basic psychological warfare tactic. Narcissistic psychopaths run DNC.

The documents predict mass anger from the public when it starts to wake up. Schwab talks about nanotech types of vaccines. Klaus tells you they will use mRNA in the vaccine.

The SPARS document comes in the context of the meeting of the “Good Club”- the Jewish Mega Group of billionaires that includes Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, etc. who met in 2010 to address the ways to implement their of mass depopulation programs.

This all ties in with the “combating climate change” (i.e., geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, dimming the sun, i.e., injecting nanotech into the atmosphere with chemtrails).

Schwab, in his book about The Fourth Industrial Revolution, talks about how AI will take over everything. Everything in the world will have to be tagged and tracked. This gets into the “simulant world system.” They have supercomputers with live real-time model of what’s actually going on.

(This is part of what gangstalking program is about).

The plan is to use smart dust (a form of nano-tech that can wirelessly transmit and relay back to supercomputers via space-based satellites via wifi, 4G, 5G and 6G wireless tech to have the Internet of Things IoT) to literally link and track everything with smart dust. We will also have self-organizing and self-repairing AI tech (robots) that can reproduce itself perhaps through 3-D printing.

It will be the new system robotic on all levels, from the macro- to the micro-scale. This will eventually replace the real “failed” biological world. Carbon is the basis of life. The enemy in this Malthusian plan, is to replace carbon-based life forms with silicon-based synthetic life forms.

The m.o. (modus operandi) of this ideology is Luciferian evolution. The idea you can modify and change life forms. In order to get to that, we have to have the cyborg phase- we have to modify humans to cyborgs, androids, nano-tech-based mutations, silicon-based life forms.

So Schwab says we will need to change our legal re-classifications of what life forms are so we can have nano-tech synthetic life forms classified as life forms.

The new system is a re-write of all of nature and the world and biological systems to be more rational, more logical, mecca systems. The real plan is not just global government headed by baby-eating Luciferians. The long-term goal is to be post-human. To end man. In that sense, this is Satanic.

Every chapter in the second half of Schwab’s book is about robots 3-D printing that will run giant drone fleets. These killer drones will target, track, and trace anybody that is a problem. There will be CRISPR technology that will engineer humanoids, synthoids.

He says it’s like Prometheus: we will have genetic modification of everything, producing a new type of reality. It moves out of biological carbon-based life forms into a synthetic wireless noosphere- like bringing hell world into this world. This is the plan they have.

He says the key to all this is to control energy. And we control energy by smart dust, smart tech, tracking, robot drone fleet that will monitor everything after everything has been sprayed with smart dust. You can say this is crazy, but Schwab is certainly one of the most influential men in the world.


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