Is French President Emmanuel Macron the Antichrist?

By John Litteral

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Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, was just “reelected,” or in a more accurate term, “selected,” and has wasted little time pushing for the New World Order agenda of launching a digital identity app that will be required for French citizens to access public and private services. Dystopian digital identity is the bedrock of Technocracy, aka the Great Reset, and perhaps another precursor to the Mark of the Beast

Macron was groomed by the public organization of the Illuminati called the World Economic Forum. He was groomed as a “Global Young Leader”. What does that mean? The World Economic Forum has been running, since 1993, a program called “Global Leaders of Tomorrow”, rebranded, in 2004, as “Young Global Leaders”. This program aims at identifying, selecting and promoting future global leaders in both business and politics. Indeed, quite a few “Young Global Leaders” have later managed to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, or CEOs. World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about his organization’s ability to infiltrate governments across the world through his program of Young Global Leaders. His organization has groomed leaders (puppets) such as Putin from Russia, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Tony Blair of Britain, Angela Merkel of Germany, etc.

The World Economic Forum is like a public version of the semi-secret Illuminati organization called the Bilderberg Group. The WEF is pushing the next phase of the New World Order called the Great Reset, and it is only logical that everyone who is groomed by this organization needs to be analyzed to see where their efforts are in pushing the dystopian nightmare for global domination for a one world government and one world religion, which is written about in the Bible as End Times prophecy. There is criteria that certain key figures have concerning End Times prophecies, such as the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The Antichrist is predicted to come at the end of time prior to the second coming of Christ. He is suspected to be Jewish or at least appear to be. He is expected to eventually present himself as god in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. He will be the leader of the world with a one world government with a one world religion. There are speculations by some Bible enthusiasts and theologians that Emmanuel Macron could be the Antichrist. I have been researching Macron lately to see if he fits the profile, and I must say that there are some alarming details.

I wrote about the Antichrist in detail in one of my most recent books called The Antichrist and his Cult, which you can download for free at this link. The closest prediction that I make in that book is that the Antichrist will come from the shadows of the Illuminati and could possibly be from one of the Illuminati bloodlines, especially the Rothschilds.

Emmanuel Macron is top level Freemason

In an article1 by Andy, which is posted on, he demonstrates how Macron is a top level Freemason and his inauguration was full of Illuminati symbolism…

In an interview with the Italian Radio Colors Radio, Gioele Magaldi reveals the Masonic character of the new President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron: “Emmanuel Macron is in the perfect continuity of [Francois] Hollande … Already a Rothschild banker, he was a consultant and minister of the same Hollande. He is the darling of Freemason Jacques Attali … Macron himself boasts of his Masonic membership in the Ur-lodge (super-lodge) “Green Brotherhood” where Holland brought him, and in the super-lodge “Atlantis Aletheia”.His mentor is Jacques Attali, a Freemason and major figure who help draft the NWO, and the technocratic and oligarchic Europe … a cosmetic operation that brought Macron to the Elysée.

 “The Jewish Freemason journalist Serge Moati also reveals the Masonic membership of Emmanuel Macron: “Macron became president walking towards the light (ie Lucifer) and Macron was in front of the pyramid of the Louvre – an initiatory rite, indispensable.'”

You can see Macron ‘walking towards the light‘ at his inauguration, from the beginning of this video.

walking towards the light (symbolic of Lucifer)

At 4.07 – you can see he is speaking before the pyramid.

Macron speaking before the pyramid

At 9.16 his head is directly below the ‘all-seeing eye’. 

his head is directly below the ‘all-seeing eye’.

In advance planning (Skull and Bones members always set their clocks 5 minutes ahead of time), I reckon they have taken out Notre Dame now, ahead of when the NWO is imposed. Then in rebuilding, it can be converted to a Masonic temple or temple of antichrist, in the timing of the imposition of a One World religion. Hence Macron states, ” It will be rebuilt ‘in a way consistent with our modern diverse nation.’

As mentioned above, Macron’s mentor is Freemason Jacques Attali, who has been described by Jay Dyer as being a French version of the infamous Henry Kissinger.

Macron and his Jewish ancestry – potential Antichrist?

When it comes to Biblical End Times prophesies, the Antichrist that is mentioned in the Bible is believed by many Christian theologians as being Jewish, or at least perceived to be. It has been shown that Emmanuel Macron does have Jewish ancestry, as demonstrated in an article by Geoffrey Grider2

Going back through the family tree of Emmanuel Macron to the 6th and 7th generation in the early 1700’s we find multiple references to the Hesse family, named Marguerite, Louis and Jacques Hesse. The Hesse side of the family roots are of German Jewish ancestry as you will see here in the Hesse family coat of arms.

Names are important and names convey meaning, so let’s look at Emmanuel Macron’s full name and what it means. For a child who was born to ‘non-religious parents’, his name is jammed packed with references to God and Jesus Christ. You will need to remember that for later when we attached it to the Isaiah 14. But for now be aware that his full name means God with us, peaceful ruler and a mark [mark of the beast?]. You can see where this is heading already, can’t you? This article on the true nature of Judas will make Macron’s name so much more meaningful.

  • Emmanuel – meaning ‘God with us’
  • Jean – meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’
  • Michel – meaning ‘who is like God?’
  • Frederic – ‘peaceful ruler’
  • Macron – meaning ‘ short, straight, horizontal mark’

Emmanuel Macron’s Ties To The Global Elites

Others noticed at an early age something was different about him. One of his classmates Antoine Marguet from the private Jesuit school he attended said “”Emmanuel Macron has always been different, at an age when most people only watch TV, he just reads. He was the teacher’s equal in some ways, an Olympic intelligence that was further, higher, and faster. Everyone who came across him knew at the time that he was someone extraordinary – that he was different.”

Hmm…from there young Emmanuel would go on to marry his drama teacher who was a quarter century older than him. Brigitte Trogneux, his drama teacher, said of him, “He wasn’t like the others, he wasn’t a teenager. He had a relationship with equals, with other adults.” Hmm again. So they got married and by the age of 30, where was Emmanuel Macron working? Exactly where you’d expect him to be working, as an investment banker at Rothschild & Co. He makes all the right connections with the Rothchilds, and soon becomes the deputy secretary general of France under President Hollande. What the…???? What that fast, or what? But it gets faster yet.

  • In 2014, Emmanuel Macron was invited by Henry Kissinger to the Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen. A globalist elite meeting with the worlds’ wealthiest most powerful individuals. One of the topics to be discussed was, What’s next for Europe. Was this what set in motion Macron’s political future?
  • In April of 2016, he gathered with guests in his hometown exactly one year before the election to announce his new political movement, En Marche! (On The Move) One guest said of the event “It felt like being at a wedding, a small room, emotion, a speech. In fact it was a birth.” It was the most rapid political coming-of-age France had ever seen.
  • In 2017 at age 39, Macron becomes the youngest head of state in French history, and an international star. Winning 66.06% of the vote caused Christine Boutin, the president of the Christian Democratic party, to speculate if Macron’s election was the work of Satan. He chose the front of the Louvre to give his acceptance speech, with the glass pyramid in the background. The triangular shape behind him had some speculating about his intentions to have an all-seeing eye Illuminati symbol as his backdrop. He stated he will govern like the Roman god Jupiter, the king of the gods in Roman mythology. His march to the podium to give his victory address had an interesting choice of music, “Ode to Joy”, which has worldwide significance. It was adopted as the EU’s anthem in 1985 after being used by the European Council. The choice of this song was an immense symbol. The Hymn of Joy or Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, is a worship hymn that when used anywhere other than during worship for some is offensive.

Prior to meeting the pope in June 2018, Macron declared himself an Agnostic Catholic. The two spoke for nearly an hour in the Pope’s library at the Apostolic Palace. When they emerged Macron put a hand on Pope Francis’ shoulder and kissed him on both cheeks. During his visit to Rome Macron also went to Lateran Basilica, a church with long-standing ties to the French monarchy, where he took his title as an honorary proto-canon of Saint John Lateran. The first and only person to receive such an honor, which was significant in regard to the relationship between church and state. Several of Macron’s predecessors declined this honor, but upon his election without hesitation he accepted the offer. Why is this significant? This honor bestowed upon Macron is in commemoration of a king fully and publicly renouncing Protestantism and devoting his throne to Roman Catholicism. The rights prescribed in it are rights of consecration to a religious office. The emperor (Macron) swears to cherish and defend the Holy Roman church. Roman Catholics actually said of his visit, “This is Rome’s eldest daughter returning to her mother.” A news outlet had as a headline, “Is French leader’s pope visit a homecoming for church’s eldest daughter?” France has been referred to as the eldest daughter of the Catholic church due to the fact that prior to the French Revolution the Catholic church was the official state religion of France. A woman being one representing a church or religious power. The question on everyone’s mind during his visit was has this “eldest daughter” returned.

The European Union, what could be called the revived Roman Empire, presents the Charlemagne prize for a person’s service of unifying Europe. It commemorates Charlemagne who was the founder of the Holy Roman empire. Pope Francis received this award in 2016, Emmanuel Macron received it in 2018. Traditionally the award is given to the recipient on Ascension Day, the day Jesus ascended into heaven.

Concluding thoughts

I am not declaring that Emmanuel Macron is the Antichrist that is predicted in the Bible to come at the end of time prior to the second coming of Christ, but I am only making an observation of Macron and pointing out some suspicious details about him that do parallel details from Biblical prophecies of the Antichrist. I am not fully convinced that Macron is the Antichrist, but I will continue to keep an eye on him as time goes by. Macron may be just another dime-a-dozen Illuminati gofer that is playing his part to usher in the New World Order Great Reset agenda for the much more powerful figures that pull his strings.


1 Andy, Emmanuel Macron – Rothschild Rent Boy is Top Freemason,

2 Geoffrey Grider,


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