My video channel recommendation

Below are some BitChute and Odysee channels that I recommend people to check out. These are channels that I know who put out reliable and sound information. Just click onto the images below.

2 thoughts on “My video channel recommendation

  1. Suppose you are someone is on the narrow path. There are 360 degrees in a circle and you are traveling on one degree. Therefore, there are 359 degrees on the wrong path. Many so called truthers or fake Christians blasts a few of those wrong degrees, but it does not mean they are on the narrow path. Being against some errors is good, but what is that “truther” or Christian FOR? See John 1:13, most Christians today are fake Christians, and CHURCHianity, is mostly fake churches, especially the 501c3 churches. Meanwhile, our marching orders are to love one another, love your neighbor, whoever crosses your path, love your enemy. We are not citizens of this country or any country, but citizens of a heavenly country.

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