By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(6 JAN ’22)

Analysts in the intelligence agencies & the military have to track world events. (I will call these analysts “they” in this post.) Some intelligence and military players are part of the NWO, but others aren’t. What this article shows is how a framework for viewing what’s happening is established that doesn’t reveal the bigger picture. Of course, I’ve said for 4 decades we need to see the whole picture. So their framework will function within the standard narrative.

THEIR PLUTOCRATIC TAKEOVER THEORY. They use the term “Plutocratic Insurgency” to describe the creation of this publicly seen NWO, which you realize is the Illuminati’s creation of a World Dictatorship. They say, “It can be viewed as a component of ‘Dark Globalization.’ ” Most of my readers should be aware that the elite have been running things a long time. Those who coined the term Plutocratic Insurgency call it a theory; a theory that was first recognized in 2011. Never mind Edith Star Miller, Ralph Epperson, Fritz Springmeier, Bill Cooper & others who exposed the workings of the plutocracy decades ago!

THEIR PAPERS & BOOKS ON THIS PLUTOCRATIC INSURGENCY. Their concept got it’s genesis in a letter in 2011 from Dr. Stephen Metz, a leading Insurgency scholar & current director of research at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College to a fellow intelligence/military analyst Robert Bunker. Later Metz expanded on their thoughts in a monograph: The Future of Insurgency. Bunker soon wrote “Plutocratic Insurgency” in Small Wars Journal (Sept 6, 2012). Next we see the 2014 book: Global Criminal & Sovereign Free Economies & the Demise of the Western Democracies: Dark Renaissance. The culmination of all this thinking is the outstanding 2019 book: Plutocratic Insurgency Reader, available to the public with contributions from 15 authors. It’s primarily the work of Robert & Pamela Bunker. Nils Gilman has a chapter “The Twin Insurgency– Facing Plutocrats & Criminals”.

4 QUOTES from the Plutocratic Insurgency Reader…

1) “No sovereign authority presently exists to contend with such an insurgent form…”

2) 8 individuals are as wealthy as the poorest half of the world. …One percent (old school Plutocrats with titles) in England own 50 percent of the land. “Land ownership in Scotland may be even more concentrated within a small cadre of elite families and their corporate entities.”

3) “Some might argue…that law enforcement and judicial elements of co-opted states can be ‘legally utilized’ by the plutocratic insurgents to suppress anti-plutocratic protests & demonstrations.”

4) Private airplane terminals exist at major airports only for plutocratic use, examples are: LAX, London, Munich, Frankfurt & Dubai.

I want to keep this relatively short. So dear reader, we are not alone in recognizing what is happening. Unfortunately, their theory of the elite plutocracy taking over has slides & blind spots that limit it’s subscribers to the whole picture. If we look at a picture we want to see the whole, not a corner. May God bless you my friend and give you hope and wisdom.


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