Ancient commentary on the book of Revelation (new translation)

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On right is a photo of the new book by Frank Gumerlock, who translated a 6th century commentary on the book of Revelation. Frank is a friend of mine who I have known for a number of years now. He is a scholar who has translated many ancient commentaries on the book of Revelation, and he does not appear to be slowing down this line of work anytime soon because he has more exciting translation projects underway! Frank has been extremely generous to me over the years and has helped me in various ways on projects that I have worked on. He even sent me a bunch of photocopies a few years ago of a very old manuscript of the Questions and Answers on Revelation by Bede of Jarrow, which I had translated and published. If you are interested in the book of Revelation, and/or interested in the writings of the Early Church Fathers and other early Christian commentaries, then I highly recommend the works of Frank Gumerlock. He is one of the rare scholars out there who does fantastic work and is one of the kindest and most humble people you could ever meet.


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