Upcoming New Book

I just want to announce that I have a new book that will be published in the near future called Confessions of a Free-Thinking Christian. I hope to have it fully edited and published in January of 2022!

In this book I share my journey as a Christian, and I share lots of information with the goal to help motivate readers to do their own research and think outside of the box, as the picture on the cover depicts! The purpose of this book is not to get other people to think like me, but rather to think for themselves. The last thing that I want to accomplish is to create my own brand of theology or ideology. I do not want followers or disciples at all. I want to motivate people to become freethinkers themselves, and to do their own research and to come to their own conclusions. To seek the truth and to follow the truth wherever it leads you. Embrace your own journey. Listen to God and what He has to say to you. Like I mentioned in this book, I personally can hear God through solitude and periods of silence. I also hear Him through my research and prayer. And like I also mentioned in this book, I find His fingerprints throughout the Bible, which is why I have devoted most of my life to intense research and study of it. I also hear God through other people. Yes, there are some good people in the world who are doing God’s will, and their testimonies and life witness project God’s words and glory in various ways. I also want to motivate people to question everything! Never be afraid to ask the toughest questions that you can come up with, especially if it challenges your worldview. Try to discover whether your religious views and worldviews truly have its origins in Truth, or whether they were created and have their origins for geopolitical reasons. Never underestimate how far the tentacles of Satan and his minions goes when it comes to hijacking and coopting all institutions, whether political or religious. And don’t allow things like peer pressure and false paradigms to keep your brain locked in a box where you are afraid to think outside of the box. So many people have been conditioned to follow the crowd and to fear being labeled a conspiracy theorist or something. Who cares! Be a renegade and think like a revolutionary! Jesus was! The whole purpose of Christianity is to be like Christ!   


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