Leaving Institutionalized Christianity   

By John Litteral

When I say “institutionalized Christianity,” many people may assume that they understand what I mean, and perhaps many do. But for clarification about what I mean by that is the belief that Christianity is only found within one centralized authority of religious Christian ideology. Institutionalized Christianity says that anyone who professes anything distinct from what they have defined as Dogma is neither Christian or not Christian enough. Institutionalized Christianity brings large groups of people under one ideological umbrella and dictates what everyone believes through a hierarchical structure that proclaims to have authority over everyone within the institution.

There is a danger in institutionalized Christianity because there is a universal danger in anything institutionalized. The danger is the very fact that all institutions that have a considerable amount of people within it are targets for being infiltrated and coopted by those who want to hijack them in order to control them for their agenda. Secret societies have been hijacking religious institutions for many centuries by having agents pose as converts and clergymen in order to covertly climb the ranks and establish positions of power and control within. Many world religions and sects within world religions have been infiltrated for so many years that there are networks within that have already completely taken over and therefore controlling the whole institution without most of the members even realizing it.

In my last book called The Antichrist and his Cult4, I gave examples of how Islam was infiltrated by the false Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1666AD) and his followers (Donmeh). I also showed how the Illuminati infiltrated different sects of Christianity along with governments and so on. Christianity has been a target of Satan and his minions ever since Christ established it two-thousand years ago. In the Bible there are plenty of examples of early infiltration, such as in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. I mentioned this in my book called The Antichrist and his Cult…

In chapters 2-3 of the book of Revelation, Jesus is recorded as admonishing the seven churches of Asia, and there, are perhaps, some of the early infiltrators of Christianity, such as, in Ephesus “those who say they are apostles and are not” (Rev. 2:2), the Nicolaitans (2:6), “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan(2:9; 3:9), Pergamos, “where Satan’s throne is” and where “the doctrine of Balaam” and the “Nicolaitans” was being taught (2:12-15), and in Thyatira, where the “woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess” (2:20). As for those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”, this seems very similar, and perhaps an early manifestation of the Sabbatean-Frankists today, such as the Rothschilds and others who make up the “Jewish” elements of the Illuminati, which I will go into detail further on in this book.4

But perhaps the most devastating and most effective covert hijacking of Christianity came from the Roman Empire through Constantine, which led to the institutionalizing of much of Christendom. Previously the Roman Empire, which was led by the Flavian Dark Sun occultists, had attempted to infiltrate Christianity with a little success but Christians did a great job spotting the infiltrators and running them off. They also tried snuffing out Christianity through heavy persecution which actually backfired and helped Christianity to spread even more, as shown by Tertullian of Carthage (155–220AD), who said, “Every time you mow us down our numbers increase, the blood of Christians is the seed.”5 But sadly, the “powers that be” of the Roman Empire found a way to unite the Empire’s ruling-class and the hierarchy of the Church in order to convince the bishops of the Church to allow the ruling-class to participate in defining binding Dogma and to develop an institutionalized structure and centralized network, that is they created a controlling mechanism for Christianity to bring all Christians under one centralized umbrella through a ruling-class/priest-class central authority. All they had to do was convince the leaders of the Church that the emperor Constantine had a dream/vision that Jesus appeared to him, which led to Constantine becoming a Christian and pledging to lift the persecution of Christians and making Christianity the official religion of the empire. The first Ecumenical Council of the Church was enforced by the Roman emperor, which should be a problematic red-flag in itself, who then coerced the bishops of the Church in 325AD to get together for the Council of Nicaea that institutionalized Christianity. Mark Passio sums this up…            

“The Flavians’ own Astro-theology based religion was devoted to a Solar Deity called Sol Invictus, the Unconquerable Sun. These Solar Cult members sought to unify the Roman Empire under a common state-run religion by changing the problematic early Christian philosophy to reflect the myths of their own Astro-theological Solar God (which they inherited from even older Solar Cult traditions). The continuity of this Solar Cult Mythos can be observed in the stories and characteristics of Mithra, Zoroaster, Dionysus, Horus, Osiris, Serapis, and many others. The hugely influential Piso family of the Calpurnian bloodline of Rome had already been at work on the Roman Empire’s ‘Christian Problem’ since the mid-1st century AD, when the Pisos began to lay the foundations of the new state religion designed to control people’s thought and suppress further rebellion against the ‘authority’ of the ruling class… To crush the growing rebellion in consciousness once and for all, the Flavian and Neo-Flavian dynasties knew that the Roman Empire would ultimately need to be united under such a state-controlled belief system. Constantine ‘The Great’ (born Flavius Valerius Aurelius) would ultimately take up this task. In 325AD Constantine held the Council of Nicaea, where exoteric religious leaders of the time were held under duress to develop a Rome-sanctioned ‘legal’ religion suitable for the masses… The Nicaean Council weeded out any knowledge which spoke of spirituality forbidden by the ruling class.”6

Whether or not Constantine had good intentions for Christianity, imposing the immersion of the ruling-class upon the Christian faith should have never been tolerated because this was not a hands-off liberation, but rather the typical promise of privileges and freedom for authoritative meddling and control. This became incarnation of everything that Christ came here to oppose. There were three entities that Jesus opposed more than anything else, that is, government, religion, and the financial order of the day. But as we see what the institutionalization of Christianity has developed into, especially looking at the Catholic Church and its banking empire, history of always being at the center of geopolitics, and a powerful priest-class and hierarchy that wreaks of dark religious occultism, it has become the opposite of what Christ established.

“The three worldly dynamics Jesus actually fought against during His lifetime as described in the New Testament were what I call The Unholy Trinity: Religion, Money and Government. He challenged the established religious orders of His day, the Pharisees and Sadducees. He took great issue with the usury of the Temple Money Changers, the established financial order of the day. And of course, he was convicted and crucified by the Roman government at the behest of the religious and monetary powers. This example, which Fake Christians never talk about, also serves to illustrate where the true power of the control system ultimately lies.

Religion: Thought Control * Perpetuates Ignorance * Based upon Belief, not search for Truth * Controlled by a Dark Occult Priest-class * The Essence of all Mind Control * Basis for the ‘Old World Order

Money: Emotional Control * Perpetuates Apathy * The New God to which human beings now entirely devote their care, attention and energy * The Ultimate Religion * Basis for the New World Order

Government: Bodily Control * Perpetuates Cowardice * Based upon the erroneous belief in Authority * Violent Enforcer for Dark Occultists, Bankers * New World Order”6

Fortunately there has always been those who have led opposition to this derailment from true Christianity, even by Catholics who have pushed for reform. History shows us that those who practiced Christianity apart from the Catholic Church were at times vehemently attacked. There have been countless departures from Catholicism, but it seems that human nature is inclined to believe in authority and desire to be told what and how to think. That is because the “powers that be” have always used this type of mind-control and indoctrination to control the masses, to get the population to believe in the authority of the ruling-class and priest-class, and to keep the masses to think within certain paradigms that prevents critical and free-thinking.

One example is the left-right paradigm in politics. This paradigm was created to keep the population divided amongst themselves and to not think for themselves. For example, in America we have a two-party system of Republicans and Democrats. Almost everyone in America claims to be either one or the other, and when a critical free-thinker says that they do not support either, or perhaps goes as far as to say that they do not believe in the authority of government, most Americans just look at you with glazed-over eyes. The reason is because that there is a multi-billion dollar or probably more accurately a multi-trillion dollar industry that has been manipulating what we are taught in government education, the media, entertainment industry, etc., which shapes our world view from cradle to grave, therefore keeping our minds within that paradigm which acts as a prison cell for the mind. People therefore cannot even imagine thinking outside of the box that has been created and that their minds have been stuck in their whole life. The mind-control is so powerful that even when someone does come to the realization that their worldview has been manufactured and they start to break away and think for themselves outside of the paradigm, it usually takes a while to “unlearn” those things that have your mind operating like computers with factory default settings.

Therefore, I believe it is important for each and everyone of us to do our research and follow the truth wherever it leads us. Never fear asking those tough questions that challenge our religious beliefs and worldviews. When new information opens new doors, it is important to study it, challenge it, and accept and embrace it if it proves authentic and true. Having an open mind and be willing to be open to all possibilities is the greatest way to grow in truth. In the end, TRUTH and FREEDOM is ultimate goal. In my opinion, Jesus came and provided us with the purest form of Truth and Freedom, because He is the Truth that sets us free! But Satan and his minions work 24/7 for distort Christianity, and it is important to recognize where in the Christian faith that has been hijacked and coopted so that we can avoid being misled. Institutions are always targets for Satan and his minions, which means that we need to be free-thinkers and not slaves and dupes to institutions that declare themselves authorities over our minds. Do your research, pray about what you learn, take the time to digest it all, and trust your intuition and the Holy Spirit to guide you into Truth.


4 John Litteral, The Antichrist and his Cult: The Beast System and the Endgame, Independently published (November 26, 2021), ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09M7MPNWB, ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8767496082

5 Tertullian of Carthage, The Apology 50.13

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