The Role of Secret Societies for the Global Network

By John Litteral

The Global Cabal operates through a system of intertwining secret societies. David Icke mentions that there are two categories of secret societies that carry out the agenda of the Global Cabal, that is, the “most secretive and hidden which almost no one has ever heard of, which are deep within the shadows and know exactly what is going on, why and what end.” Then there are those “that many people have heard of such as the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Opus Dei, the inner-circle of the Jesuit Order and so many more.” 1[David Icke, pg. 8-9; 5] There is also the inner core of Zionism.

The Knights Templar

For example, the Knights Templar was originally a religious-military knighthood formed in 1118 to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They grew into a vast network and became very rich and powerful and created the basis of today’s banking and financial system. According to David Icke, The Templars seemed to disappear after the early 14th century after they were purged in France, “but that was only in the public. They went underground in locations like Portugal and Scotland where they re-emerged on one front as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Today they remain a major arm of the Hidden Hand with their initiates involved in global politics, banking, business and media. Modern-day Templars control the City of London financial district, one of the world’s premier centers for manipulating the world financial system.” 1[David Icke, pg. 28]


“Freemasonry is a secret fraternal order that has existed for hundreds, arguably thousands, of years and is now operating in almost every country in the world. Masonry promotes itself as a philanthropic club for men of morals… However, the higher degrees, the inner-circle of World Freemasonry, use the society’s global influence to advance their control.” 2[Eric Dubay] Freemasonry arose from the Knights Templar and is the largest secret society in the world today. Freemasonry was infiltrated by the Illuminati, and chosen by Adam Weishaupt to be a cover for Illuminati plots. It was ideal for the Illuminati, because like the Illuminati itself, the members of Freemasonry were bound by secret oaths to not share information. Freemasonry not only became a hiding place for the Illuminati but became a recruiting ground for them, and members of the Freemasons were enticed to join the Illuminati in order to gain higher degrees of hidden knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Freemasonry was not fully “illuminated” but over the past centuries it did become a means to promote Illuminati agendas to society throughout the whole world. According to Joseph “Doc” Marquis, who claimed to be a former member of the Illuminati, said that only the highest degrees of Freemasonry know what is really going on and know “the secrets,” and those that do are in the 30th degree of Freemasonry, and only 5 percent of those in the 30th degree know the “full truth” and those that know the full truth of what is going on have already been initiated in the Illuminati. Marquis said, “Truly, Freemasonry is a series of long hallways of smoke and mirrors, designed to lead all but a handful of Masons astray, and to deceive 100 percent of all Non-Masons.” Most Masons stay loyal to what they were taught about church and state and have no bad intentions and they do good work such as charities, but some have been reared in the ways of the radical ideas of the Illuminati. Jim Marrs, in his Book on the Illuminati, describes the role of Freemasons in world affairs and even in America, and how such a large percentage of people in high places of society and government were all Masons. Given the amount and percentage of all being Masons makes it impossible to overlook without a great deal of skepticism about how and why so many who have run the world all come from the same secretive fraternity. Jim Marrs says,

“Since the late 18th century, there has been counting concern and speculation regarding the role of the Freemasons in world affairs, beginning with the American and French Revolutions and continuing up to today. To understand this suspicion, just consider this brief list of significant Masons, beginning with American presidents George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Jack K. Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Willian Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, and both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 91]

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the amount of Masons holding key positions throughout the world throughout history is shocking to say the least. One thing is for sure, Freemasonry plays a large role in the strands of the Web of this Global Network.

The Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta are a very powerful secret society who has members that influence the highest levels of governments, intelligence agencies, and Catholicism. They were at one time linked to the Knights Templar, and once known as the Hospitallers, and were expelled from the Middle East by the Muslims long ago. They allied with the Vatican in order to survive persecution. They set their headquarters up in Rome under the supervision of the Pope. Jim Marrs gives a list of very prominent Americans who are connected to the Knights of Malta, listing,

“The late CIA directors William Casey and John McCone, former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca, columnist William F. Buckley, Joseph P. Kennedy, US ambassador to the Vatican William Wilson, Clare Boothe Luce, and former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Dr. Luigi Gedda, the head of Catholic Action, was decorated by the Knights of Malta for his liaison work between the Vatican, the CIA, and the European Movement of Joseph Retinger, the ‘Father of the Bilderbergers.’” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 327]


The inner core of Zionism is a secret society that works as a political movement, not a race, and is made up of both Jews and Gentiles. It is one of the many strands in the Web of this Global Network. It uses the cover of acting as a political movement that supports the homeland for the Jews in Israel and they discredit and attack any criticism from anyone who outwardly disapproves anything that the government of Israel does, and they silence detractors by declaring anti-Semitism and accusing them of hate-speech. This ploy allows them to carry out extreme actions of aggression against their enemies, whether provoked or not, and to remain relatively uncriticized and even supported by their allies no matter how inhumane or unnecessary their actions are. To make a very long story short, Zionism is highly connected to the Illuminati, and modern-day Israel was largely created through the House of Rothschild in the land of Palestine in 1948. When we say Zionism, I am not talking about Biblical Zionism as many assume when they hear the word, but I’m talking about Rothschild Zionism, which is very important for people to understand. Note, the Rothschild dynasty is key throughout the history of this secret society.  The emergence of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 was brought about by 3 key figures, Adam Weishaupt, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and Jacob Frank. Jim Marrs says of this affair,

“‘Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers financial empire… When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati.’ That missing piece proved to be Jacob Frank, who added Jewish Cabala mysticism to the Illuminati structure of Weishaupt backed by the financial support of Rothschild. The Frankists also increased the reach of the Order with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds. Antelman wrote that Rothschild persuaded Weishaupt to accept Frankish doctrine, which included subverting the world’s religions and creating a one-world government headquartered in Jerusalem. This was an early attempt at creating a Jewish state in Palestine.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 128]

This alliance was involved in manipulating political landscapes around the world including the French Revolution and today under other names and in other forms this network manipulates global governments, banking, corporations, media and the entertainment industry. It was also the Rothschild dynasty that created the London-based secret society called the Round Table at the end of the 19th century. And it was the Round Table that was behind the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which was an open declaration delivered by the British government during the World War I announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. As David Icke explains,

“The Round Table created a series of cusp organization satellites which include the following: Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) in London (1920); Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) in New York (1921); Bilderberg Group (1954); Club of Rome (1968); and the Trilateral Commission (1972). The Rothschild and Rockefeller families were the major force behind their creation together with other connected elite families and they are known by various descriptions including ‘non-governmental discussion groups’, ‘non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) and the all-encompassing title of ‘think tanks’… The Round Table cusp network was also responsible for the establishment of the United Nations which is the stalking horse for fully-fledged world government. The Rothschild-Rockefeller-dominated Council on Foreign Relations has been a major manipulating force behind United States foreign policy from 1921 to present day.” 1[David Icke, pg. 7]

Jim Marrs, while quoting Texe Marrs, says,

“Among the evil culprits I figured over the years were such anti-American globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons and the Bilderbergs. But behind them all is the satanic influence and power of Zionists. Zionists, in fact, are the real, but, so often, unheralded authors of the globalist plot.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 83]

Skull and Bones

The secret society of Skull and Bones is the 322nd chapter of the Illuminati. It was founded by Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832 and is thought to have originated in Germany. According to David Icke,

“Elite universities have secret societies that recruit initiates to be future Hidden Hand agents to serve the agenda for human control in politics, banking, business, military, intelligence, media, and so on. Another secret society at Yale is the Scroll and Key. Every year 15 bloodline or other elite students are initiated into the Skull and Bones Society and the ratio of ‘Bonesmen’ who end up in positions of power is enormous compared with the general student population. They span the arenas of politics, banking, business, media, military and intelligence agencies, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Father and Boy Bush were initiated into Skull and Bones and so was their father and grandfather Prescott Bush who has a particular claim to fame in The Order… The presidential ‘election’ in 2004 was between Skull and Bones Boy Bush and Skull and Bones John Kerry – the statistical chances of that with so few Bonesmen in the American population are absolutely fantastic.” 1[David Icke, pg. 30]

Jim Marrs, while making reference to Ron Rosenbaum, pointing out that Rosenbaum was “a former Yale student and one of the few journalists to take a serious look at Skull and Bones – took note that the official skull and crossbones emblem of The Order, the naval ensign of the Knights Templar, was also an icon of the Illuminati.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 311] “Many Bonesmen have graduated with CIA and ‘intelligence community’ jobs waiting for them too. F. Trubee Davison, Howard Weaver, William Sloane Coffin Jr., V. Van Dine, James Buckley, Bill Buckley, Hugh Cunningham, Hugh Wilson, Reuben Holden, Charles R. Walker, Robert D. French, Archibald MacLiesh, Dino Pionzio, William and McGeorge Bundy, Richard Moore, and George Bush are all Bonesmen with U.S. intelligence agency jobs.” 2[Eric Dubay] The amount of Bonesmen that have become CIA administrators is beyond coincidence even so that Ron Rosenbaum said that “Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 313]


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2 Eric Dubay, The Atlantean Conspiracy (Final Edition) (November 23, 2009), ISBN-10 : 1304634396, ISBN-13 : 978-1304634399

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