THE STAGE IS BEING SET: King of the North & the Illuminati

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(DEC. 8, 2021).

This is a brief analysis of what I see the Illuminati doing to misuse Bible prophecy to their own advantage. (Of course, YHWH’s purposes will prevail.) Bear in mind, I’m not claiming that the Illuminati’s script to follow & fulfill Bible prophecy is the correct interpretation; I’m just informing my readers that the Illuminati in their arrogance intend to follow an Armageddon apocalyptic script. Also bear in mind many Christians & Muslims expect an Armageddon battle. And some other religions have expectations of an end-time conflict leading to a Golden Age.


I devote a great deal–about a third– of the Be Wise As Serpents to information related to this post. For instance, I expose in it (& in other writings) how the Illuminati created & controls the Watchtower Society. The WT Society has sent their Jehovah’s Witnesses door to door globally alarming people of the end times & Armageddon. ( This task is quite comprehensibly done using maps & then recording what areas are worked.) I collate the chilling script prophesied by the WT Society, and placed it as a chapter in Be Wise As Serpents. It’s a script that resembles current Illuminati plans–although there appear to be some differences. Billy Graham, whose ministry was developed & controlled by the Illuminati, also often warned of Armageddon. And WT literature even occasionally quote Graham. The WT teaches that the Bible’s “King of the North” is Russia. A number of big name T.V. ministers like John Hagee also teach this. Hagee warns that the King of the North (Russia) with Turkey will attack Israel. These ideas are based on interpretations of EZEK 38, DAN 11, ZECH 12 & 14, & REV.

RECENT EVENTS appear to follow their script to reproduce the apocalypse, especially the book of Revelation. In posts years ago, I wrote about the Illuminati & NATO involvement in the Ukraine. The tension in the Ukraine has been manufactured (to follow a script). Putin recently met with Biden to get guarantees from the U.S. & NATO. Putin got nothing. If Russia follows through on its threats, the world will see a new war. Meanwhile, in the last few days, the U.S. military has moved out of Turkey & repositioned in Greece. Turkey has shifted allegiance from NATO to Russia. Who’d have believed this shift ten years ago?


The different actors have slightly different shades of interpretations, so I’m not sure how the details will play out. Hagee’s labels are: King of the West is NATO (the U.S. & Europe), King of the East is China, & King of the South is Islam. He says the King of the West will be weak. Will Biden have a weak foreign policy like Obama? Anyway, I feel comfortable giving you a heads-up that this script exists, but not comfortable giving it’s details.


Of course, they will add some of their own twists to this apocalyptic script. They like to follow astrology. Using astrology, they observe the constellation Serpens Caput (“head of the serpent”) will soon be “crowned” by a 7-star constellation Corona Borealis. An appropriate time for their antichrist to be anointed & crowned.


China, as well as many other nations, are increasingly economic basket cases. May God bless you my friend. Quite a drama is playing out.


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