By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(Written 1 DEC. 1, 2021)

This message is for God’s overcomers: how we stay in God’s will through love, & a heads up on some of what the World will soon throw at us. The Scripture is from 1st John, a treatise to refute Gnostic beliefs–very appropriate in our age when the Gnostics of the Illuminati operate the World.


God is love, and he that dwells in love dwells in God, & God in him.” (A) “… perfect love casts out fear…He that feareth is not made perfect in love.(B) Fear is a dangerous thing. If we want to be perfected by God, we need to weed out ungodly fears.

He that loveth not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?” (C) Those of us of Christ must love our fellow man.


We must remind ourselves of the context of this message. “We know that we have passed from death to life.(D) Here we have a reference to 2 distinct kingdoms: the Kingdom of Death & the Kingdom of Life. The Kingdom of Death is a culture obsessed with death. We as followers of Christ should in turn be obsessed with LIFE.


For 5 decades the public schools & colleges have been subjecting American students to the “lifeboat survival problem” or a variation of it, where students have to select those who will be allowed to live & those who must die. A number of students is placed in a group & told that they are in a lifeboat that will only allow a small number to survive & they must select from their group who must die. In college in 1985, in a required Speech class, my teacher placed me in a group & told us to select who must die.

I refused to do the exercise; I felt it was similar to Dr. Mengele who decided which persons entering concentration camps would live or die. Further doing such an exercise damages a person spiritually. The teacher said in front of the class that I’d flunk the class, if I didn’t do it. I held my ground, and one of my classmates, a Jehovah’s Witness, who watched me stand up to the teacher gave his life to Christ! After 5 decades of such conditioning, how are Americans going to act when food & fuel are scarce?? How will their morals be? Will they select who must die?


This winter is expected to be extra cold. People in the Midwest are still paying sums like an extra $130 month on their heating bill for the ten days of extra cold weather last year. Not only will it be extra cold, the Illuminati plan to crash the electrical grid. Heating gas for homes has gone up to over 60 cents a therm & may yet double.


Worldwide supply chains are breaking down. American farmer exports are mostly not going out. And imports are also mostly stymied.


The controllers plan to roll out digital currencies based on Blockchain technology similar to crypto currencies… some of the latter are being quietly seized! Everything will be tracked with digital currencies, and your spending monitored & controlled. If you want to spend “too much” on meat or travel with gas you will be stopped. Call it digital rationing! The govt. has been doing a soft disclosure of the “aliens”. Insiders say that aliens will appear in 2022 to solve our electrical shortages with a new technology. Anyone questioning these new saviors, will be like those who critically think about the j.a.b. Those in the know would label these new saviors as fallen angels & Nephilim.

OUR SOLUTIONS. We need to shift more to the Body of Christ functioning as a body. We need to be less dependent on the World for our food & heat. If you can vent think of wood. Be careful, there is a program in place where pastors have been told to tell their congregations to obey the govt.

The plandemics continue. We can’t depend on anything worldly: not money, not worldly friends, not employers or other worldly things. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

May you cling to our Messiah, Yahshua ha Messiach…not the false messiah soon to rule from Jerusalem. May you be blessed my friend. It is our time to stand for Christ & suffer.



(A) 1 JN 4:16

(B) 1 JN 4:18

(C) 1 JN 4:20

(D) 1 JN 3:14


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