Biblical End Times studies and research on the Cult/Cabal go hand-in-glove

By John Litteral

I began studying the Bible in 1996, and eschatology was one of my earliest fascinations. I spent 19 years studying Biblical prophesy and the various schools of thought before I discovered the area of independent research that led me to learning about who really controls the world. That discovery began in 2015, and ever since I have applied that to the Biblical research that I have under my belt, and it has helped me to acquire a broader view of eschatology (study of Biblical End Times).

In my opinion, the more you understand about the Cult and their agenda, the better that a student of eschatology can connect the dots of Biblical prophesies and their true context. The reason is, because this Cult that controls the world has been around ever since human civilization has existed. It has always been controlling the population all the way back to ancient times in places like ancient Sumer, Egypt, and Babylon, and is still controlling the world today from the shadows.

And this same Cult is the very ones who the prophesies of the Bible talk about concerning the times of the Antichrist. As you learn the agenda of the Cult, you will find that they literally come right out and tell you what they are going to do, and it is as if it fell right off the pages of Scripture. Learning about the Biblical passages concerning these prophecies, and then listening to what members of the Cult come out and say they are going to do, is basically putting the names and faces to the entities that you have always read about in the Bible. Biblical End Times studies and research on the Cult/Cabal go hand-in-glove. Researching one without the other can lead you to a level of knowledge and enlightenment, but having both will give you a broader perspective. It is like studying Biblical history without learning the geography. You can read all about names and places, tribes, kingdoms, empires, etc., but when you add to your arsenal an understanding of the geography and where those places are found on a map, then it will enhance you with a broader point of view. When you learn where some of the ancient locations of the Bible are in relation to modern day settings, along with what archeology has uncovered, then you take Biblical knowledge to a higher level. That is the same with understanding the Satanic Cult that rules the world today and what the ancient prophesies say they are going to do in the End Times. It is all connected!

The information that I present in my new (The Antichrist and his Cult) book will challenge readers in a number of ways. Christians from various backgrounds and affiliations may find some of the things I present to be offensive or even blasphemous, because I present in many ways how the Cult has its tentacles everywhere, and has been attacking Christianity ever since it was established by Christ two thousand years ago.

I show how the Cult not only attacked by way of persecutions, but they infiltrated Christianity many times and have coopted it, and it possesses many faces that postures itself as Christianity. Hopefully readers will read with an open mind, and listen to what I present, and take it into consideration, and then do their own research and come to their own conclusions.


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