(WEDNESDAY)Alternative Freedom Media 9/8/21


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THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW 8 SEP 2021 – PART 1 OF 3 The David Knight Show
THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW 8 SEP 2021 – PART 2 OF 3 The David Knight Show
THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW 8 SEP 2021 – PART 3 OF 3 The David Knight Show
The Insane Hatred Of Anti-vaxxers#Joe Imbriano The Fullerton Informer 2
YOUR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH (COLEMAN’S 8TH LAW OF MEDICINE) September 8th, 2021. Dr Vernon Coleman In this article, international best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, points out that human breast milk contains so many chemicals it couldn’t be sold as fit for consumption. And human bodies contain so many toxins that a human steak would not be fit for consumption by cannibals. Also, Dr Coleman explains why you should never have ice in drinks in bars and cafes.
HUGE! ROGAN JUST BLEW THE LID OFF THE OFFICIAL STORY! September 8th, 2021. We Are Change This video breaks down the huge move made by Joe Rogan and the insane establishment reaction.
LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL September 8th, 2021. United by Truth
ALCATRALIA  September 8th, 2021. TheCrowhouse
A DOCTOR’S GRAVE WARNING FOR ISRAEL  September 7th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree One of the first physicians to publicly recommend Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for #Covid19, Vladimir Zelenko, MD, recently took part in a symposium with top Israeli rabbis, and did not mince words when warning of the dangers the citizens of the most vaccinated country in the world may be facing. He joins Del in-studio to discuss.
TWO DIE IN JAPAN AFTER RECEIVING CONTAMINATED COVID VACCINES September 7th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Japan raised the alarm after finding contaminants in vials of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines, pulling over 2 million doses from its market.
9/11 LIVESTREAM AND ONLINE COURSE  September 8th, 2021. The Corbett Report James joins you today for a quick update to let you know about a 9/11 Global Livestream that he’ll be taking part in this weekend and a course that he’ll be teaching at Renegade University in November.


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