CDC Concentration Camps!!

Below are some images from the movie The Crazies, which I have always considered to be predictive programming of what likely is intended to happen at some point. Innocent people rounded up like cattle over a “virus” outbreak, which the government took excessive action while the order-following military soldiers detained innocent people and threw them into cages and even killed some who were not even infected. Meanwhile, A CDC document published in the summer of 2020 outlines a plan for mass relocation and quarantines of healthy but “at risk” US citizens. 

Below is a video of human cages seen and videoed in  Fresno County California.

Watch on BitChute

Below is an excerpt from My book called Handbook On The Powers That “Should Not” Be, where I share information about the Homeland Security Act..

Homeland Security Act  

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was basically the creation of a more centralized law enforcement agency. It was rushed into legislation due to the “threat of terrorism.” This brought many government agencies under one umbrella for one central control that would be responsible for border, coastline, and transportation security. When making a point comparing the DHS to the Nazi Gestapo, David Icke asked a rhetorical question, saying,

“Could the consolidation of power within Homeland Security be a continuation of a plan to change America from a well-defended constitutional republic to a police state, a reincarnation of the Nazi Gestapo?” 2[David Icke, pg. 304]

This umbrella of centralized agencies is well described in a 2013 article by Mattea Kramer and Chris Hellman,

“President Bush first created an Office of Homeland Security in the White House and then, with the Homeland Security Act of 2002, laid plans for a new executive department. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was funded with billions of dollars and staffed with 180,000 federal employees when it opened for business on March 1, 2003.  It qualified as the largest reorganization of the federal government since 1947 when, fittingly, the Department of Defense was established. … Federal officials created the DHS by pulling together 22 existing government departments, including stand-alone agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known by its acronym FEMA, and the Coast Guard, which came with programs both related and unrelated to counterterrorism.  They also brought into the DHS a host of programs that had previously existed as parts of other agencies like the Nuclear Incident Response Team from the Department of Energy and the Transportation Security Administration at the Department of Transportation.  To knit these disparate parts together, officials built a mammoth bureaucracy over an already existing set of bureaucracies.  At the same time, they left a host of counterterrorism programs scattered across the rest of the federal government, which means, a decade later, many activities at the DHS are duplicated by similar programs elsewhere.”43

The concentration of so much power in one government department is very troublesome to say the least. Just FEMA alone has authority to ‘quarantine entire cities, herd people into sports stadiums and other proxy holding camps, forcibly inject people and kill them if they try to escape.’30


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