The lie that 99% of the COVID-19 deaths are among unvaccinated people.

Transcript of David Knight from the David Knight Show 7/23/21

I keep hearing this as an echo chamber, that 99% of the COVID-19 deaths are among unvaccinated people. We’re hearing this from Republicans as well. Fauci is very happy about that and he was congratulating the Republicans, saying, what you’re doing, that’s very very helpful and I love that what you’re doing there… So as we look at all that you hear Mitch McConnell saying, “all the people that are dying are unvaccinated.” Well, where did that come from? Do they ever give you a source? I mean, did that come from Wollensky at the CDC or Fauci and NIH? Did it come from any of our “masters” who are themselves the very “embodiment” of science? No it didn’t! Do you know where it came from? It came from a bunch of idiots at the Associated Press. This is where it comes from. The Surgeon General who parroted this got it from the Associated Press! His statement that “99.5% of Coronavirus deaths are in the unvaccinated” materialized out of thin air, and out of dodgy data, says LifeSiteNews. It turns out that it’s based on some math, that was done by a couple of Associated Press reporters that involved some crude calculations, the kind that’s done on the back of a napkin at a bar. Looking at reported deaths from COVID in the month of May, and some number, perhaps from a CDC, report on the number of COVID deaths in the fully vaccinated, which was “about 150.” That might give you a clue that they don’t have any data. Since the AP report didn’t source their data, they didn’t say where they got this from, so that you could go back and look at it. Oh, we’ve seen this game run before right? The entire climate change nonsense was based on “we’re not going to show you our data,” We saw emails that they passed back and forth with each other, saying, “we got to hide the decline, we’re going to hide the data.” And “we’re not going to give that to you.” I was with a group that sued to get Michael Mann’s data, and the judge said “no, he doesn’t have to show you the data.” But it was paid for by the state. And he published it already. And it was used to craft public policy, but we’re not going to be allowed to see the data. And now you’re not going to be allowed to see the [COVID VAX] data. You don’t have to hide the data if you’re not lying to people. It’s just that simple. And they’re using the same playbook for this, that they use for climate change. Why? Because they both have the same goal. They’re both based on total BS. Now the [AP] reporters did update their story to correct the number of hospital admissions for Coronavirus. They took it down from 853,000 to 107,000. So, they just overstated the hospitalization by a factor of eight times. Eight times they overstated by a factor of eight, that is 800%! Okay, and then they took down the percentage of hospitalized people who have been vaccinated. They understated the number of people who had been vaccinated. They said it’s only 0.1% of the people who’ve been vaccinated that have been hospitalized. But actually, that number they then they came out with later and said “no, it’s actually 11 times more people that have been vaccinated than what we said that were hospitalized. How did they make that kind of mistake? Well, we don’t know because they didn’t source the original lie. And they didn’t source the original, then the subsequent corrections, which took the number of hospitalizations down by a factor of eight, and the understatement of vaccinated people who had to be hospitalized they understated that by a factor of 11 times. And yet, as they point out, for four days the mainstream media has been playing a loop of this, that all the deaths, 99% of the deaths are among unvaccinated people. And it’s been the basis for dehumanizing propaganda that labels half the American adult population, and children who haven’t taken this, as calling them “variant factories.” That’s what they’re calling us, “variant factories” or “germ factories”, if you will, right. And we’re the “incubators of disease”. I’ve said for the longest time this is going to be coming, they’re going to call us the vermin. So, you’ll have the vaccinated over here, and then those of us who are not vaccinated will be the vermin. There will be vermin versus vaccinated. That’s exactly where this is headed. And as I point out, the trouble is a lot of vaccinated people in the US, 10s of 1000s of them are getting COVID after their so called 94% effective shot.

So, we do know, they pointed out from the first and the apparently the only actual post mortem study of a fully vaccinated person who allegedly died of COVID, that he had robust COVID antibody response, which should be the measure of vaccine success. But he was still dead. What else they found besides COVID antibodies, they found that every organ in his body had the viral mRNA spikes everywhere. Everywhere in countries that do count the data, it is the vaccinated who are dying disproportionately in Israel. Roughly 60% of the patients in serious condition had been vaccinated. And according to Hebrew University researchers advising the government, about 90% of newly infected people over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated.


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