Is anarchism just a child’s belief in Utopia?

By Jack Spirko

Isn’t anarchism just a child’s belief in Utopia? or isn’t it really selfish thinking? These two kinds of things go together, they’re coming from the same place. So, there’s this belief, and I don’t know where it comes from, belief that anarchists believe if we just had our way, if we just had a society with the absence of a state, then everything would be a utopia, and that everything would be solved, every problem would be solved. We don’t believe that. We’re not promising that, and I am not promising you that if we have Anarchy, (and the real meaning of the word, that is “no rulers,”) that we will have a utopia and that will solve every problem. That’s not my promise. But that is the promise of the state, that if we just keep working at it long enough, we can solve every problem. Everybody can go to school all the way up to like three doctorates for free, everybody can have a guaranteed income, everybody can have great health care, everybody can have everything equal, and not only equal, everything can be equitable. It’s the state that promises equity, and they’re making a real push for equity now, meaning that we’re all guaranteed the same results. The same eventuality that we will all have an equal level of success. That’s utopian and you’re right, it is nonsense. It’s also selfish. It is selfish to believe that a person who doesn’t work as hard and who isn’t as talented, who doesn’t try as hard, shouldn’t get as much as someone who is talented and works really hard and takes risks and gambles. There’s a great line in the movie Harrison Bergeron, (you should really check it out) it was put out by Showtime. I think you can find the full version on YouTube by the way, still almost they took it down. But then the concept is it’s in the future. And there’s the second American Revolution, and everybody’s controlled and they have these bands around their heads and if you’re too smart, they send like radio waves in your brain to dumb you down. Hum, what does that? What kind of radio waves and, you know, dumb you down today? TV programming that’s what it’s an analogy for. And so the kids are in school and Harrison’s kind of a little bit too smart so they keep bumping his band, but the teacher wants to know at some point, a certain clause in the new constitution. And the answer is that, while not all men were created equal, it is the responsibility of government to render them so. As based on a novel from Kurt Vonnegut written in the 60s, by the way. I think it’s selfish to think that way, that everybody should get the same thing, even though everyone isn’t doing the same thing. So, to me anarchism is about letting people discover their gifts and then go out and use them in an unencumbered way, because we’re all great at something. Instead of being structured and told how we will use our gifts, and being told who we must purchase from, how we must purchase from, etc. To leave those relationships open, it won’t give you utopia, but what it would give you is more options. And I believe in the marketplace of ideas, the better ideas over time, tend to win. That’s why the United States, in spite of many of our failings, because we’ve had more freedom than most of the rest of the world is the most successful place that’s ever existed on the planet. Because, at least there are certain elements of meritocracy here. And when you start telling me about the unfair nature of how the game’s rigged or whatever, then who riggs the game? Government, the state is who rigs the game. There’s never been a monopoly in history that wasn’t enabled by the state. People talk about the power that Facebook has today. Maybe if they didn’t get 750 million plus tax dollars, they wouldn’t have quite so much power. I’m just saying. Think about it before you make your decision.


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