By Jack Spirko

In Anarchy, wouldn’t armed thugs take over society? Really? I want to be very clear before I start answering this; there’s a lot of people in the world of anarchism that are big cop bashers, every cop is a bastard or whatever; every cop is evil. There’s no good cops, whatever, that’s not me. I look at it this way, we are all human beings walking a path, and multiple paths we walk is based on the hand we have been dealt up to this point by life. And there are a lot of guys out there that are good men, good women. They’re doing the best they can, they’ve chosen law enforcement. You probably weren’t born an anarchist. I wasn’t born and an anarchist. The fact that I became an anarchist about seven years ago, means that I have lived most of my life as a statist. Right. And so we all are making the best decisions we can with where we’re at. However, I will tell you that a cop is a gun, in that it can be used to exert force. And I will tell you that our society is already run by armed thugs, and things like cops, other forms of law enforcement, military, etc., all around the world are used to control society. And I don’t believe that they should. I think that it’s completely reasonable that I should be able to use force to defend my property, I don’t think it’s reasonable that I should be able to use force to take your property away from you. So, I would say that if anything, in a well-run Anarchy, you would have a situation where there’s less thugs in control than there are now. Because right now, every single person that owns a piece of real property in United States, for instance, is extorted out of something called property tax. And how do you enforce property tax? With people with guns. And the person that’s making the judgment call, is the armed thug, even if they’re not the one that comes to your house and does it, they’re pointing the apparatus of the state at you the same way I might point a gun at you and demand your money. And if I knew that at least you can resist me, and you have a reasonable chance of successfully resisting me. Also if I’m trying to mug you, I take your money and what do I do, I go away. But not the state. The state wants their money every month, every quarter, every week, every year depending on what kind of tax we’re talking about. So, you already have an armed thug society, controlling everybody in everything. Every form of commerce is regulated, tightly controlled and taxed. So, we already have armed thugs running society. We have entire sovereign nations that never fired a shot at anybody, never did anything to any other nation but they’re acting in a way that one nation decides is not acceptable. We just don’t like the way you’re doing that. So, they are then bombed with smart bombs. We drop bombs on them, we use cruise missiles on them, we send in the military. And you tell me, armed thugs would run society and in an Anarchy? Okay, I, I fail to see how different that is.



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