By John Litteral

The term Deep State is being used more and more by the public and mainstream, and people may have an idea of what it is, but many people more than likely have not been taught about the Deep State in school, mainly because those who control the curriculum in government schools don’t want the general public to be informed about who really controls their country. They prefer that the public think that the puppet politicians , whether presidents, prime ministers, and other “elected” officials are the ones calling the shots and controlling public policies, but nothing is further from the REAL truth. The fact of the matter is, that in every country there is a PERMANENT government that sets the agenda and writes the script for the politicians (actors and puppets), and the public is taught that those actors and puppets are the ones in charge, giving the illusion that the public has a say-so in who “represents” them by voting. This plays into the deception of making the public think that the voting of the people is what led to bad legislation, and even tyranny, as if it ultimately falls back onto the people for being responsible for picking bad representation. But what people need to realize is that in the higher echelons of the political landscape, those in the higher positions are almost always selected by those in the shadows, to do their bidding. Those in the shadows almost always get their man or woman in the position of political puppet.


Last year around this time, the recently deceased John McAfee brilliantly defined what the Deep State is,

“It’s defined as the people within the US government and military who are in secret control of government policy. The deep state is those people within the US government that are career employees that cannot be fired by people that we elect by the Congress or the president. They are the FCC, the CIA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the IRS, and these are the people in control. Can they enact laws? Yes! The cold regulations for every law that Congress passes, and we elect Congress to pass our laws. There are 20 regulations enacted by federal agencies that have far more impact on our lives than anything Congress possibly passed. Is there a Deep State? Yes! Can we fire these people? No! Can presidents fire them? No! It’s designed that way so that political parties and political interests cannot affect the Deep State. Do you understand the nightmare of our situation people? Sorry, it’s not secret. It’s as open as anything could be in the past. Since 1975, 200 thousand regulations have been passed, federal agencies, encompassing 800,000 pages of fine print. It is no secret! It is as open as it can be the Deep State does control. America, wake up people!” 1[John McAfee]

Permanent Government is the government that is always there in power no matter what political affiliation comes and goes every few years. According to David Icke, the Permanent Government is made up of…

“the banking and financial networks, major corporations, mainstream media, legal system and courts, as well as the Deep State intelligence agencies, military personnel, law enforcement and government administration. Weaving through all of these agencies and subject areas are the secret societies into which key players are initiated… Compared with this edifice of permanent power the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians and parties are small fry controlled either directly or manipulating circumstances through the Permanent Government and Deep State. This is why that no matter what party or politician comes and goes the same agenda continues with them all… An essential diversion is to focus attention of the population on the political level of the structure and program perception that this is where the power lies to change events and direction. It isn’t. The political level is largely there only for show and to officially implement in the form of legislation what the Permanent Government has decided… Permanent Governments in each country are connected by The Web to form essentially a Permanent Global Government.” 2[David Icke, pg. 19-20]

When it comes to the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians, they are there only to give the illusion that the people have choice, and that their vote counts because they have the power to elect those in power. As mentioned above, those politicians are “small fry”, and politicians are really no more than just actors who follow a script. 


1 John McAfee, quoted from a video by David Knight on the David Knight Show about 11 minutes in.

2 David Icke, The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World, David Icke Books; Illustrated edition (September 1, 2019), ISBN-10 : 1916025803, ISBN-13 : 978-1916025806


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