By John Litteral

“But, see, we’ve been kidded, because the One Percent, if you break it down and you do the research, the One Percent are actually behind capitalism cartel-ism, and also behind socialism. So, what they do is they move between two apparent opposites, to give people the idea that they’ve got choice, and to play people off against each other.”

The Problem is Ideology

As we have seen, there is a theme that continues, especially in America, where there are more and more people who are supporting socialism, and now opposing capitalism. America is now split down the middle and are divided over what ideological systems they think they should live under. This is happening elsewhere in the world, though citizens in other countries who have lived under socialism that come to America usually are the strongest opponents to socialism and try to warn Americans that socialism is not the route that they want to go. And on the other side of the debate, you have those who support capitalism and think that that ideology is the answer to fix all of our problems, when in reality, we don’t live in a real capitalist society because there is no genuine free market with true competition. In reality the One Percent has control of the system and has created basically cartels, that control the so-called free market, and make it anything but free. Therefore, you have the Big Pharma cartel, the Biotech cartel, the Big Oil cartel, and the Banking cartel, and so on. So, we don’t have capitalism, but it’s a cartel system that is controlled and monopolized by the One Percent. In chapter 1 of my book (HANDBOOK ON THE POWERS THAT “SHOULD NOT” BE), I showed where it was the bankers, the One Percent, and Illuminati, that created the ideology of communism, using Karl Marx as their front man, in order to divide the East and the West, as a divide and conquer PSYOP. David Icke, as quoted from a video, says,

“But, see, we’ve been kidded, because the One Percent, if you break it down and you do the research, the One Percent are actually behind capitalism cartel-ism, and also behind socialism. So, what they do is they move between two apparent opposites, to give people the idea that they’ve got choice, and to play people off against each other, ‘I am a capitalist,’ ‘I am a socialist,’ when all the time the same One Percent, as we call it today, has control of both socialist societies, and so-called capitalist societies.”1

If the population really understood the level of how they have been manipulated and played off against one another like a bunch of fools, perhaps the mindset as a whole would begin to change, and we could take steps towards unity, which is the One Percent’s biggest fear. Understanding how the use of ideologies and belief systems by the One Percent, as a means to control the population by way of divide and conquer, is one of the keys to unlocking the chains that keeps humanity in bondage. What is ideology? David Icke, in the same video says,

“So, it’s all about ‘isms’ you see. Everyone must have an ‘ism.’ And what are ‘isms’? They are ideologies. And what are ideologies, except prison cells for the mind and the prison cells for human society, because an ‘ism,’ an ideology, basically says everything, every situation, every problem has to be filtered through the lens of the ‘ism.’”1

People who are so subscribed to their ideology often fail to see the weaknesses and hypocrisy of their own belief systems, and they tend to not be open to solutions that are outside of their own bubble, nor listen to ideas beyond of their own echo chambers. This is the problem with being an ideologue because an ideologue is usually not an open-minded individual, and that means that possibilities of a truly free society is extremely limited. Being so wrapped up in one’s ideology and belief system often leads to prejudice, bias, and discrimination towards others outside of their bubble, and that causes a lack of empathy for others who are being treated unjustly simply because they don’t share the same ideas and beliefs. That is what the Global Cabal knows, and they fan the fires of division, and have created a vast growing category of identity politics and identity labels that people cling to, and sets of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts. As the case with socialism vs capitalism, both ideologies fail to serve all of humanity, and they produce massive inequality and loss of freedom. Historically socialist communist regimes have been responsible for over 100 million deaths, and the only equality that it produces is equal poverty for all except for the One Percent and government. And then you look at how the vast inequalities that are committed by capitalism, you have centralization of power in the hands of a few by controlling who has the money and power, and who doesn’t, which has led to many people suffering and dying from that as well.

A Shift in Consciousness. Empathy

We don’t need a change of ideology, we need a shift in consciousness. That is, a shift in consciousness that takes people from being ideologues, to being motivated by empathy. David Icke gives the most enlightened explanation of what empathy is and what it is not,

“Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the feelings and the situations of others. And through that empathy, you can see the unfairness and the injustice of what they are experiencing. And through a desire generated and motivated by empathy, you wish to put that right. Well, what WOKE people will say is ‘we have empathy. We have empathy for this, we have empathy for these people and those people,’ but they don’t, they have sympathy. They have sympathy for people that attract their sympathy because that’s their ideology. Empathy does not filter itself through ideology. It just is. So, an extreme capitalist will have sympathy for fellow extreme capitalists in how something or a situation, whatever has affected them. If there’s a known increase in taxation or something they will have sympathy with that, ‘Oh, that sucks for those billionaires like me.’ But they won’t give a damn about all the people who was suffering the consequences in poverty and deprivation of the capitalist way of running a society. So, they don’t have empathy, they have sympathy. And the WOKE mentality, again, has sympathy for people within its ideological circle, but it doesn’t have empathy because of what empathy does, it has empathy for everyone in every situation… We can’t have a situation where we are spending billions and trillions on the military and killing people while people are living in the streets in Los Angeles and New York. Empathy won’t allow that, but ideology will. And at the same time, empathy would have empathy with people working in a capitalist situation, working their asses off, seven days a week to run a business, and to keep it going, and the government coming along and taking their profits away in taxation and regulation, and all these other forms of taxation, but end up paying for things like killing people with a vast military. Empathy would have empathy with homeless people, and it would also have empathy with someone working their ass off trying to run a business, and having that income from that hard work being taken by the government. Empathy is just that, it’s empathy for every situation where there is unfairness and injustice. So, you don’t look at people running businesses, and people working for businesses or homeless and unemployed, you don’t look at them as individual groups, ‘Yes, my sympathy is with these people,’ ‘or my sympathy is with those people,’ what you do is you have empathy for all injustice and unfairness, no matter what form it may manifest. Until we have a society, and a governmental structure system that comes from empathy and a sense of fairness and justice for all, and not ideology, the one stop shop that supposed to fit everything, then nothing’s going to change. Going from cartelism to socialism and back to cartelism and back to socialism, it’s a tennis match going nowhere, except in the same direction that we have always gone.”


1 David Icke, Empathy Not Isms. Ideology Is A Prison Cell.



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