The New World Order and Secret Societies

By John Litteral

Below is a brief description of the Global Cabal and their agenda called the New World Order, and how the centuries old secret societies have played out their roles into what we see going on today with global tyranny. Notice how these secret societies laid the foundation for the Cabal to eventually gain global control through various methods such as banking, medical industry, religion, etc.

  • Knights Templar- Banking Cartel
  • Knights of Malta- Vatican
  • Hospitallers- Medical Cartel
  • Freemasonry- Infiltration

The New World Order

The New World Order is the agenda of the “POWERS THAT BE,” or what I like to call, “THE POWERS THAT SHOULD NOT BE.” This agenda is for global domination. As Max Igan said, they want

“total ownership and control, over no less than every resource, every government, every rock, every drop of water, every blade of grass, and every living creature, both human, and non-human, in the entire world.” 2[Max Igan]

The Cabal

In my last book called THE HANDBOOK ON THE POWERS THAT “SHOULD NOT” BE3, I described these “powers” as being a global network that are given various names by different researchers. Some researchers prefer to call them the Global Elite, or the Illuminati, or the Global Death Cult, or the One Percent, etc. Whatever you prefer to call them can be debated I suppose, but in my opinion, it is irrelevant as long as we do understand that there is a network of extremely wealthy psychopaths that orchestrate their agenda from the “shadows”, and they are behind many of the events that get carried out in the world. Jim Marrs, quoting Robert Kiyosaki, describes the New World Order plan of the Illuminati, saying,

“Their alleged plan and purpose is world domination for their lord, which is the fallen Lucifer. The Illuminati are alleged to be the primary motivational forces forcing the global governance, a one-world religion, and centralized control of the world’s International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Criminal Court are seen as tentacles of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the driving force behind the brainwashing of the mindless masses, blatant mind control, manipulation of beliefs, scientific dumbing-down of society, chemical poisoning of food, water and air (globally known cancers like aluminum salts [chemtrails], aspartame, sodium fluoride, melamine, etc.); also, the Illuminati are revealed to have total and complete control over all the mainstream media of the modern world, all the information, all the food, all the money, most of the world’s military forces. The Illuminati’s power vehicles are the big banks, and the manipulation of all the money and wealth on the planet. The Illuminati have a private board of elite, interlocking delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflations, recessions, depressions, and manipulate the world markets, supporting certain leaders and coups and undermining others to achieve their overall goals. The goal behind the Illuminati conspiracy is to create and then manage crises that will eventually convince the masses that globalism, with its centralized economic control and one-world religious ethic, are the necessary solution to the world’s woes. The structure, usually known as The New World Order, will of course be ruled by the Illuminati. There are many end times prophecies in the Bible that are interpreted by most to point to an end times one-world government, one-world monetary system, and one-world religion. Many Bible prophecy interpreters see this ‘New World Order’ as being controlled by the antichrist, the end-times false messiah.” 1[Jim Marrs quotes Robert Kiyosaki, pgs. xiii-xiv]

Cabal Shift from Old World Order to New

This Cabal has been around for centuries, even millenniums! They have controlled events in the world and populations going all the way back to Sumer, Babylon, and ancient Egypt. They are made up of bloodline families that claim to be of royal decent, and many of these families believe that they are descendants of the gods. For example, the Rothschild family claims that their bloodline traces back to Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah. Century after century and millennium after millennium, these families not only believed that they were of divine bloodline, they also convinced the populations that they ruled over, and that the population were to be subservient to them, and the people went along with it and many of them even worshipped them. This went on for a very long time, and it wasn’t until relatively recent history until the population began to wake up to the scam and started to push-back against that kind of rulership. People started to question rulership by kingship and monarchies and bloodline families and demanded another way of life of that “old world order.” While this push-back led to another way of rulership throughout the world, what people often fail to realize, is that while the method of control by authorities changed on the surface, the same bloodline families that ruled in the past still control the direction of the world, but they do it from the shadows, while their front men and women, such as politicians, officials, etc. follow the agenda that has been determined and coordinated from the top. As Mark Passio points out,

“But what has really changed in the modern world? Nothing! Nothing has changed. Today, most people do not believe in the authority of kings and queens, but we have merely replaced the concept of kingship with the concept of authority vested in government. In the old world the belief in authority was vested in one person who called himself the king or the queen. But in the modern world we’ve taken the exact same idea and simply taken the belief of authority, which was previously vested in one human being, and we have divested it into an oligarchical group of masters and called them government.” 4[Mark Passio]       

Those within the Cabal saw the transformation taking place in the world and how the people were rejecting the old concept of rulership that was determined by who had sex with who, so they devised a strategy over the course of time that would allow them to maintain their power over the populations in the world, which led to moving from the “old world order” into a “New World Order,” from empires and kingdoms into governments. This called for more sophisticated techniques and manipulation, going from rule by open violence and coercion to rule by getting the population to think they get to have a say-so in the process of governance.

Secret Societies

They accomplished many things by way of secret societies and infiltration over the course of centuries, using ancient knowledge from the Mystery Schools and developing concepts for their agendas.

Knights Templars and Banking

One concept that led to global power and control was the concept of money. Even as early as the Knights Templars, “who predated the famous Rothschilds and Medicis. Drawing on the ancient financial knowledge of the earlier Mystery Schools, the Templars learned to perform the same functions as a modern bank-wealth storage, loans, and even a system of credit.”1 “The Rothschilds began banking enterprises in the eighteenth century, whereas the Templars were involved in banking in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries.” The global banking scam that has been used by the Illuminati has allowed them to put governments from all over the world into debt, and has allowed them to control currency and the value of it, which in turn has allowed the banks to dictate everything from wars to economic crashes. Henry Makow says,

“The ‘motive’ is to protect its (Cabal) priceless but fraudulent private monopoly over public (government) credit (money creation.) They need a ‘world government’ to ensure that no nation prints its own money or defaults on the ‘loans’ the bankers spun out of nothing. The ‘means’ of course is their unlimited wealth funneled through their network of cartels, which allows them to own the government, mass media, education, etc.” 8[Henry Makow]

Knights of Malta and the Vatican

According to researcher Michael Tsarion6,

“the main group that serve the Templars are the highest in Rome now, and they’re called the Knights of Malta, and they used to be called the Knights Hospitallers. They were cousins to the Knights Templar, but when the Templars got suppressed, many orders of clerics were given scrolls, and given the reins of the Empire, and money…  Knights of Malta live in Rome under the shadow of Vatican City. They control Vatican City. They are the gray Popes and the black Popes, who run the white papacy, the white Pope.” 6[Michael Tsarion]

Knights Hospitallers and the Medical Cartel

Michael Tsarion makes a startling connection between this secret society of the Hospitallers and how they are highly involved in the latest medical tyranny today!

“The Knights Hospitallers who are sitting on the United Nations today as we speak. They were called Hospitallers because they opened hospitals. Well, that sends a shudder up my spine. That’s not a very good thing because these guys were apothecaries. Uh huh. Let’s see where that road would lead you, you’re talking about, you know, today’s lockdown and the people behind it. Yeah, the Club of Rome ever heard of them, the Club of Rome is run by the Knights of Malta, and they are apothecaries and they do know all about you from a medical point of view… they represent a secret society. That’s why the doctors wear the white robes all this time. You know you go to St Mary’s or wherever and look at the symbolism; just look at the symbol of Scottish Rite hospitals all of our America, and the Shriners.” 6[Michael Tsarion]

You can start to see where these very old secret societies have put in place a structure over the centuries that have made it possible for a relatively small amount of people, when compared to the world population, to gain the ability to control the world. Control over the global banking system, control over the Vatican, and control over the medical system (which has led to dictating government policies all over the world, basically medical martial law “lockdowns”). These three examples are the tip of the iceberg! There are many secret societies that play key roles in controlling world events, and ultimately bringing about the New World Order agenda. Through secret societies they have infiltrated almost every facet of governments and non-government structures of power. Though secret societies have met resistance throughout history, they have been persistent and very effective in putting their people into places of power and influence and now have a very tightly-knit network that controls the world. Secret societies are the channels for the agenda of the Global Cabal to be carried out from very deep in the shadows, in the highest echelons of the Illuminati bloodline families, and put into a “script” for puppet politicians and pseudo-philanthropists and front-men billionaires and technocrats to follow. Even then, many politicians are and have been for centuries members of secret societies and secret organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission, but most often they are the lower-level script-followers who have no say-so in the decision making and setting the agenda. And most importantly, not to be left out is that these secret societies and organizations are very compartmentalized to where everyone in the secret societies are all on a need-to-know basis. Individual members know only enough about the agenda to do their part, and they don’t even personally know those at the highest level who are in the full know of what is going on. That is why big operations like 911 and the latest COVID fake pandemic can be carried out by so many people without the most important secretive plans being exposed to the public.

Freemasonry and Infiltration

The secret society called Freemasonry is the largest secret society in the world, and has been around for centuries, and has been very influential. Eric Dubay points out,  

 “Freemasonry is a secret fraternal order that has existed for hundreds, arguably thousands, of years and is now operating in almost every country in the world. Masonry promotes itself as a philanthropic club for men of morals… However, the higher degrees, the inner-circle of World Freemasonry, use the society’s global influence to advance their control.” 7[Eric Dubay]

Most Freemasons are not even aware that their secret society is playing a part in the New World Order because those who are really “in the know” are at the higher levels of the inner-core of Masonry. And there are levels even higher than the 30th degree, which is actually where you begin to enter that Illuminati pyramid structure. The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry long ago in order to hide out and to recruit members into Illuminism, and this was in order to use Masonry for spreading the agenda of the Cabal. This has been an effective way for the Cabal to use Masonry as a means to appoint their people into key positions of power and authority throughout the world in governments and professions in order to gain more control. Just looking at American presidents alone it is beyond suspicion of how many of them have been Masons; beginning with American presidents George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Jack K. Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Willian Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, and both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. That is only a very tiny example.


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