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Hello folks, this is John Litteral host of I want to make a video and actually share some good news, you know, so it’s kind of hard sometimes to, to share good news because there’s so much bad news out there and the bad news seems to overshadow the good news.

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But you know,

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I think a lot of people, at least, people that follow my content know about the Great Reset. You know the Great Reset is just another chapter of the New World Order. It’s another stage of the New World Order. We’ve been living under the New World Order now for a long time. But, it continues to progress and evolve and to move forward till their ultimate goal is is to have a global fascist dictatorship. Well, the Great Reset happens to be just one of the more advanced stages of the New World Order where they’re proposing a, it’s basically full control over the whole world by way of technology, control the economic system. It’s a global fascist dictatorship. It is a global one world economic system. And, this is headed up by an organization, it’s a front organization of the Global Cabal called the World Economic Forum. And, this organization works as an umbrella that brings in people from all around the world from governments, big name politicians, even, some of these people that work from within the shadows of the shadow government. Brings in together with multinational corporations, private organizations, non governmental organizations, technocrats, so called philanthropists. And they are coming together they are presenting it as if they are going to fight against world hunger and push this whole global warming climate change hoax. And, it’s all about power grabbing and getting control, and one of their big slogans is is “you will own nothing, and be happy” and that’s reference to everybody in the whole world. You know, there they are, their plans are is to have people own nothing. They divvy out, ration everything out to everybody. And they’re proposing this global economic system, this one world government. And, to own nothing. “You will own nothing and be happy”, that’s basically like saying you’re going to eat a big pile of shit and be happy. You know that’s saying it in truthful terms. And so that’s one thing that we’ve got to understand. And so, this is they’re having meetings. World Economic Forum is getting together and having meetings. And they’re just plotting out, so they can move forward with their agenda. And this is going to be, you know, the One World Government with social credit system, where we’re all put on the social credit system, a global currency digital currency. No more cash, surveillance out the ass, we’re talking facial recognition cameras, everything else, I mean it’s just, it’s a big major smart grid, all this stuff, all this stuff that a lot of whistleblowers and researchers have been trying to warn people for years about is starting to unfold. And the World Economic Forum is that front organization of

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the global cabal.

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That is bringing this agenda into the mainstream society and the Global Cabal.

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That’s where the agenda deep in the echelons of this global cabal. They have been plotting this New World Order agenda. And they, as their, with our agenda as they go to put it into mainstream society they started off into the secret societies, secret organizations, and then into the mainstream society, through the politicians. Well the World Economic Forum just happens to be one of those organizations. And there’s more secret organizations that are part of this global cabal, secret organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Opus Dei, some of these organizations that they bring the agenda of the global cabal into mainstream society, and the World Economic Forum is just one of those societies, but are one of those organizations that are not secretive. The only secretive part about them is is that they’re presenting themselves as some kind of philanthropist organization to the end world hunger and to bring a better world but when in reality it’s to bring tyranny, more hardcore tyranny, and they’re bringing it into mainstream society, and pushing it. You know, so they’re just wrapping the New World Order agenda up in this pretty little wrapping and presenting it as something good when, when in reality it’s evil to the core. It’s to take away all freedoms and have full control of humanity. But, you know, I say all that and like I said,

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I mean this video to be a good video, because the good news about it is is right now while the World Economic Forum is meeting together to plot their next moves, there is a counter to this Great Reset. And it’s called the Greater Reset. And that is where we are having people from around the world that are some of the best minds, greatest minds out there that are standing against tyranny and standing for individual rights and freedom. We have a group of people that are good, getting together and proposing a counter called the Greater Reset. Great, awesome minds and great people. Freedom lovers. People like John Bush, Jack Spirko, James Corbett, Rosa Koire, the guy that hosts the Ice Age Farmer channel. He’s a part of it as well, and many more, many more awesome people, and they are meeting together this week starting today Monday, the 25th of January, and it goes to Friday to the 29th of January, and they are proposing a counter to it, where they are offering solutions to how we can actually deal with this, you know they’re talking about how we can be self reliant, giving you know we got experts like Jack Spirko that’s giving excellent information on how to be more self reliant, and to where we rely less and less on the system, and especially the new system that they’re going to, that they’re pushing the Great Reset offering actual practical solutions, things that we can do as individuals to where we can push towards freedom instead of accepting the tyranny that they are pushing on us by the Great Reset. There’s also, James Corbett and like I said many others that are sharing information, practical things that we all can do. And they are putting these ideas into action. Just like John Bush is, I’ve been hearing him talk a lot about these freedom cells, people around the world networking together and creating communities that where they can live and sustain themselves and progress with total freedom. And to get out of this. To avoid this tyrannical system that they want to give us, and they want to make it the only option for us to survive on. Whereas this counter to it is. Each and every one of us doing our part and taking responsibility, so we don’t have to be sucked into this tyranny, this awful nightmare, they have an agenda, called the Great Reset. So I highly recommend people, so I’m going to put the link below to the Greater Reset the information, they’re going to be televising or be streaming this on social media and stuff and on different platforms and I highly recommend if you have the time to watch it. And you don’t have to watch it live but they will have it live. If you want to watch it live, and it’s going to be for the next four days, and we all, as many of us that want freedom. And we want to push back against this because I know a lot of people feel hopeless about the future. And this Great Reset that’s coming about here’s an opportunity right now where we can unite together. We need to look into this freedom cell idea that in the whole platform that’s been laid out John Bush and the people that he’s associated with have put a website together for free themselves to where you can actually network with people around you, and work together and come up with solutions and take the solutions and the advice that they give, and then come up with your own as well, and figure out ways that you can actually live as a free people in your own free communities, so I mean we all need to look into this. I need to look into into a more, I’ve just been listening. I’ve been trying to do my own thing as well. So I’ve been, I haven’t probably researched on this as much as what I really need to in order to actually take action with it. But this is an opportunity, a great opportunity with a lot of awesome solutions by a lot of awesome people. And, so we all are asking,

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what can we do about this, what can we do about the New World Order and this Great Reset, what can we do to counter it, because a lot of people feel helpless. And we’ve got this major power, this Global Cabal. Most of you all understand that this is what’s going on today with this global tyranny is being brought by a force that has, you know they control the world banking system that control governments around the world. And they almost seem like they are unstoppable. And like there’s nothing that we can do to push back against it, but there is. We are the 99%, we got to understand that. And what we need to understand is is these people have no legitimate authority to tell us how to live our lives, we are free people. We are sovereign beings, and we need to think and act as free people. And because the only reason these people have power is because we give it to them. And we need to understand that that’s what government is, government is an illegitimate authority. They have no real authority. Like I said, the only reason they have any authority whatsoever is because we believe they have authority. And we give them our power. And it’s time we understand the truth, and we take our power back,

Unknown 11:59
and with enough of us that pushing back against it we can actually stop this. And so, you know, I

Unknown 12:05
just wanted to share that great information it’s called the Greater Reset like I said I will put the link in the description box below. I highly recommend to check them out, watch their footage, or watch as they put this information out and watch you’re trying to learn. And let’s all unite together. Let’s get together, network with each other. And, capitalize on the solutions that we have to work with. And we actually have solutions to work with. And so folks I will leave there. Check out my website as well at I’m being shadow banned like crazy. It’s insane how much I’ve been shadow banned and, big tech is really doing everything they can to silence me. I’m really feeling the heat right now. You know I was feeling a little bit at a time but it just seems like each day passes by the struggle gets more extreme, trying to get the truth out there. And so, you know, I’m definitely, I could tell a big difference. Yesterday, most definitely. I went from having, I usually get hundreds of viewers on my website on and, and I got down and yesterday was just, just a fraction of what what I usually get the traffic that I get. I don’t care about numbers, that’s really not my concern, but I’m wanting to get the truth out and when I’m feeling opposition, that’s preventing me from doing that then that makes me realize that I need to figure out what’s going on and how to counter that, and as they try to suppress the truth, I’ve got to try to figure out creative ways to to get around that suppression. So, more and more people can hear the truth. And so, check out subscribe to it. It’s free no strings attached. The only thing is you will just get email notifications every time I put out a new blog page. Also check out Super Truth Media on my website. That’s where each day I’ll put out a blog page that is basically a news channel that brings together all the great alternative media voices are the latest news and information of the day, all together in one place, great videos great articles from all the great media voices out there. So folks, thank you very much. Take care. Have a good day.


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