Natural Law is the Answer to End This Tyranny!

Rough Transcription of above Video

Hello folks this John Litteral hosts Just want to make a short video and help people understand what the key to ending all this tyranny is. It’s very simple. And I think if the more that people understand this, the more that we have a chance of getting out of this tyrannical situation that we find ourselves in on a global scale. And it’s very important that people understand the difference between right and wrong because this is the key really.
And we have to understand what our rights are. And what it is, that brings violation to others. This is morality. And, you know, natural law, I highly recommend people to study natural law, check out Mark Passio, he’s the leading expert in natural law so check out the works of Joe Murray, who’s also another great teacher on natural law. Natural Law, you know the working definition as you see on the screen right now. Universal non manmade binding in immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness. So, simply put, the more that a society is moral, the more free that society is going to become as a whole. The more immoral, that a society is as a whole. The more enslaved that they’re going to become. And it’s very important that we understand what our rights are.
we have a god given rights. This is not manmade. This is universal it’s eternal. It comes from the very Creator of the universe. You have to understand what your rights are. And it’s very, very simple. And what it is is you have the right to live however you want to live. You have the right to do whatever you want to do as long as you do not bring harm to other people. It’s just that simple, that your rights, your rights don’t depend on some parasitic politician, some scub but the scumbag line sack of crap weasel. Who writes something on a piece of paper and calls it low, your rights, come from the very Creator of the universe and you were born with it. And that’s extremely important for us to understand because this this is the problem is people think that their rights depend on government that we get our rights from government. We don’t get our rights from government we get our rights from the very Creator of the Universe from every each and every one of us were born with those rights, so that’s extremely important for us to understand. If people. If society would live by the golden rule, treat others the way that we want to be treated. If everyone would live by that, then everything would be just fine. We wouldn’t need, we wouldn’t need anything, we wouldn’t need any other guidance whatsoever. But unfortunately too many people don’t live that way because they are a bad person, or simply. They don’t live by those by that way because of out of ignorance as well, because people don’t understand morality that they don’t understand the difference between right and wrong but if the more that people will understand the difference between right and wrong and live by those principles. Then, you know, we’ll be more we will become as a society we will become more and more free that as we continue to lose our understanding of the difference between right and wrong, then the more enslaved we become. And this is the key if we are ever going to get out of this situation, we have to know the difference between right and wrong. So what is wrong. Well, there’s what Mark. Mark Passio calls the seven deadly sins and this is important for us to understand, murder, you know, that needs no explanation. Everyone should know that that’s wrong in every circumstance assault. You know, that doesn’t you know infringing on other people, you know, bringing harm to other people, rape, you know who the hell needs an explanation on that one, your buddy knows that’s wrong coercion. You have no right to pressure anybody into doing anything and complying with anything that goes from government government has absolutely no right whatsoever. But they do they coerce they pressure people lying, you know, everyone knows that’s wrong. That’s very wrong.
Trespassing is another. You have no right to trespass in somebody else’s domain,
and theft. You have no right to take what belongs to somebody else. Those are violations, those are what is wrong. And, and it’s wrong, it doesn’t matter who it is, it’s wrong for you to do it. It’s wrong for me to do it. It’s wrong for a group of people to do it. And it’s just as wrong for government to do it government has no right to do those things. And we have to understand that and that is the problem it’s the belief in government, it’s the belief that the government has any, right, that we as individuals don’t have I don’t have the right to steal so government does not have the right to steal. I don’t have the right to go into your home or, you know, to take anything that belongs to you or to take your money,
and neither does government who gave who gave government the right to do that sure as hell wouldn’t to the creator of the universe. You know, it was a group of people that decided that, you know, they’re just going to declare themselves as ruling over a population. They declared themselves, and they got people to believe it. So, they have no right to do any of that stuff, they have government has no more right to do anything. Then you yourself has no right to do certain things, what you can’t do government can’t do. And this is what people have got to understand if we are ever going to turn this around. Government has no right to lock you into your home and tell you that you can’t come out of your home for a certain amount of time or that you have to watch your livelihood go down the drain. I have no right to tell you what you can and cannot put in your body. As long as you are not doing harm to anybody else the government has no right whatsoever. You know, people think that the government’s in the business of protecting people’s rights. The government is not in the business of protecting people’s rights they’re in the business of taking rights away. and we have got to understand that. So, this is the key to getting out of this, and until people know what morality is and know the difference between right and wrong. Until society understands what their rights are. If they don’t understand what the rights are and that they were giving these God given rights from the creator of the universe it’s eternal, and it’s their birthright till people understand that then we’re not going to get anywhere we’re only going to continue to go deeper and deeper into tyranny. You have to understand. You have the God given right to live however you want to live. Do whatever you want to do. As long as you do not bring harm to anybody else. And if government does anything to infringe on that in any way whatsoever. It’s the government that’s wrong. We got too many people right now that think if they listen and do everything the government tells them and they comply like. They believe that that is what makes them a good person. But that is not what makes people, a good person. In fact, a lot of times that can lead to making somebody a bad person because anything that takes away rights and freedoms. If you are participating in that willingly, then that makes you a bad person folks. And you have to come to understand that. I think a lot of people pretty well understand that but you have to understand that your rights does not come from a government. It never has and it never will. Your Rights come from the creator of the universe. You are a sovereign being. And this very key to getting us out of tyranny. This is the very key of turning things around and going toward freedom. I don’t know about you but I want to be free I want total freedom. I don’t want any so called government telling me what I can and cannot do. telling me that I’ve got to be forced to put some sort of poison into my body, called a vaccine. I want total freedom. And right now, everybody needs to understand this, because it’s not your fellow citizens you know because government uses it and I’ve talked about this yesterday in another video government uses. Divide and Conquer as a way of, you know, getting us fighting each other and thinking that one another are the enemy where as the government is the enemy. That’s very important to people understand about and conquer if you don’t fully understand divide and conquer then watch my last video that I just did. And then another thing that government does and this is very important because we see it happening today government does what’s called false flags and false flags, is where, you know, government will sometimes attack their own people, and blame it on somebody else such as terrorism, such as you know wars with other countries, they will blame other countries. And they will literally attack their own people in certain cases, or they will put on riots, they will put in agent provocateurs. And these engineered fully staged riots and insurrections and, you know, make it and blame it on other people, that’s that’s a false flag as well. They will also do what’s called a fake pandemic. You ever heard of that? Yep, I have. I’m sure a lot of y’all have to. That’s a false flag event. You know, staging a pandemic, making it look like it’s something random or blame it on China or whatever, whoever they want to blame it on or whatever they want to blame it on that’s a false flag. And the reason that they do this is because it puts fear into the population. Well, fear, gets people to not understand what’s going on and it prevents them from using critical thinking. And then what happens is is they. People are scared they act out of fear and they’re willing to give up their God given rights to be free people. And then, you know, they take power grabs they use false flags to take your rights and freedoms away. And so, folks. You have the God given right to live however you want to live and do whatever you want to do as long as you do not harm anybody else. And if any government or politician or whatever, says anything otherwise. Then they are wrong. And we have to defend ourselves. So folks, I’m gonna end the video here. I want people to really look into this really consider this because this is the answer to end tyranny and embrace freedom.


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