Case for Anarchy/Voluntaryism

Here is a large excerpt from my book that makes the case for anarchy/voluntaryism.

JustIntellectual: Voluntaryism And The So-Called Non-Aggression Principle

Is Government and Authority Even Real?

Here is a concept that many people may have trouble grasping because it is quite foreign to what we have been taught and have believed our whole lives. Most of us have never even entertained this idea in the first place, which makes it very hard for people to begin to consider it without instinctively putting up a mental firewall, because it appears to defy the “reality” that we’ve always known. And that is the belief that government is fundamentally immoral and illegitimate, and that authority is an illusion. There is only the belief in government that truly exists. This is what true anarchists, or voluntaryists believe (anarchy and voluntaryism are the same thing). The word anarchy has been hijacked and misrepresented for years, and when people hear the word, they assume that it refers to chaos and no rules, which is not the case at all. Anarchy simply means “no rulers.” The word has been so misrepresented that many anarchists prefer to call themselves voluntaryists just to avoid the confusion and assumptions by others who often jump to conclusions and think that anarchists are identifying themselves with rioters and the lawless extreme Marxists such as ANTIFA and BLM, but there is nothing remotely similar between anarchists/voluntaryists verses those others just mentioned. The misconception that people have over the meaning of anarchy has not come by accident, as demonstrated by Etienne De La Boetie’2 in his book (“GOVERNMENT” THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY EXPOSED!) where he shows that the very One Percent that I’ve been discussing in this book, through their head of the board of the Council of Foreign Relations that sits on the editorial control board, actually changed the meaning of the word “anarchy” in the current Merriam Webster dictionary to have a meaning of chaos and dystopia, whereas the Meriam Webster dictionary of 1827 actually had the true meaning of “no rulers.” They have further strategically tainted the meaning of anarchy through their control of the mainstream media, by referring to disorder and chaotic events as anarchy. 

Voluntaryists believe that all human interactions between human beings should be voluntary, and that nobody gets to use force or fraud on anybody else, even the government, and if the actions become involuntary, it makes it immoral and it constitutes slavery. Government has no right to make up rules or impose force or edicts on people any more than you or I have the right. I don’t have the ability to make up rules for you or to steal your money and spend it the way I see fit, even if it would be for a charitable cause. I also do not have the right to even delegate a right that I do not have myself to a representative to speak for me, doing something that I do not have the ability to do myself, and therefore neither does the government. The belief in government is the belief that some people have the so-called right to engage in violence and coercion against others who have not initiated aggression against others. This idea of authority has been imposed upon the population for thousands of years, and most people never even begin to think or question why it even exists or where it came from. They just assume that that is the way it is and never even give it another thought, nor, most especially, do they ever imagine that a ruling class should not exist in the first place.

Origins of Government and Authority

First, in order to understand that government is illegitimate, we have to understand where it actually came from. This is really the key. Joe Murray gives a superb explanation of the origins of the belief in authority,

“The belief in authority does not come about naturally from within us. This is a belief that’s been ingrained in our minds for thousands of years back to the ancient past when it was rulership by the Pharaohs, and rulership by kingship. Where did this come from? Where did these people get the so-called right to rule? These people themselves claimed the divine right to rule due to them being direct descendants of the so-called gods, which have been written about in every ancient culture throughout the world… These people themselves claim to be descendants of this force, of these so-called gods, which they therefore claimed the divine right to rule due to their genetics and their bloodline. That’s where this comes from. And the people bought this, and they looked up at these people as if they saw them as something other than human, something other than just mortals. And this continued for thousands of years through the monarchs, only up until about a couple of hundred years ago, which there is (by the way) still a queen! Unbelievable that people still except this and hang on that ‘thing’s’ every word. Disgusting! But, what happened was, when that form of rulership of slavery was no longer sustainable and more and more people began to rebel against it, all that happened was, these bloodlines just fell back into the shadows, and just implemented a new system of control of slavery, called government, presented as a system by the people, of the people, and for the people, where now you get to choose who you want to rule you for the next term of years. But it’s not ‘your ruler’ of course, it’s your ‘elected representative’ who is to ‘serve you.’ When in reality it is the same families running the show just from the shadows. So, we went from the old world order which was rulership by kingship, where this so-called authority was vested in one human being, to the new world order of government where that so called authority has been divested now into a few human beings called government, which are just cardboard cutouts for the same bloodlines who ruled in the past. They just figured out a new more effective slavery system where they could get more people’s minds and give people somewhat of the illusion that they are free and that they could participate in the system and have a say in the system, and therefore they got people to love their servitude and take pride in it, and even further ingrained the belief in authority into people’s minds by indoctrinating them into this religious cult of statism where generation after generation they have become more effective at socially engineering people’s minds. You know, so that’s where the belief in authority comes from.” 45[Joe Murray]

These bloodline families that Joe Murray referred to and their belief that they are descendants of the gods is something that I mentioned earlier in this book in the section about the Global Cabal. Whether you and I believe this or not, these people in authority at the highest echelons of this Cabal actually believe it, and they have convinced the population that their authority is real, and the population has accepted their servitude to a ruling class without question. Mark Passio expands on the same theme as Joe Murray above,

“Just ask yourself this simple question. Was the very concept of kingship in the old world ever morally legitimate? Was it ever morally legitimate for a king to claim that he is the ruler over everyone in the land that constituted his kingdom, and that his word was law? And that anyone who disobeyed his edicts would be subject to violence by his order following henchmen. Was that ever morally legitimate? That condition of course was never morally legitimate. But what has really changed in the modern world? Nothing! Nothing has changed. Today, most people do not believe in the authority of kings and queens, but we have merely replaced the concept of kingship with the concept of authority vested in government. In the old world the belief in authority was vested in one person who called himself the king or the queen. But in the modern world we’ve taken the exact same idea and simply taken the belief of authority, which was previously vested in one human being, and we have divested it into an oligarchical group of masters and called them government. It is just as immoral as it ever has been.” 47[Mark Passio]

Belief in Government is a Religion

The belief in government and authority is comparable to the belief in a religious system. They have so many parallels that the case can be made that government is a religion. In religion, many people devote themselves to dogmas and an authority without even asking the question of what the origins of their belief system is and where it came from. Especially people who are born into a religion and have gone to church, or whatever place of worship their religion entails, and they are taught their whole lives how to participate within it, and they never question its origins and how it came into existence, and oftentimes they are taught to have blind faith and to not question their beliefs. Many religions, if investigated with intellectual honesty, will fail the test of authenticity and people will learn that their religion, if traced back to its origins, was actually invented by man at some point in history who made extraordinary claims without any concrete or substantial evidence, and people are required to have blind and unquestioning faith. As for government and the origins of a ruling class, as demonstrated above, has its origins in the belief that the so-called rightful rulers were descendants of the gods, and humanity was required to live in servitude to them. If we are honest and logical about it, government actually qualifies as religion. Larken Rose points this out,

“‘Government’ is neither a scientific concept nor a rational sociological construct; nor is it a logical, practical method of human organization and cooperation. The belief in ‘government’ is not based on reason; it is based on faith. In truth, the belief in ‘government’ is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of ‘government’ describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative. Disobeying to the commandments (‘breaking the law’) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (‘criminals’), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as ‘law-abiding taxpayers’). And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the ‘government’ god’s ‘laws’ he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, ‘You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!’” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 38-39]

Mark Passio not only considers it a religion, he even refers to it as a cult and that those who believe in it are actually “cult members,”

“Anyone who supports and condones the very belief in government is actually in a cult. They are cult members, and almost all of them don’t even know that they’re members of a cult. Those who believe in and support the continuation of this cult by their own beliefs are supporters of slavery and believe that the condition of slavery should continue. That constitutes the very definition of what it means to be a bad person. And such bad people are creating the chaos that we are experiencing through what they do and what they condone. Everyone who adheres to this cult belief system is complicit in what is happening, and is bringing even worse conditions down upon themselves, and everyone else. The cult of government believers, and its order followers are keeping the system of slavery that we are experiencing in the world today in place.” 47[Mark Passio]

And it needs to be clearly pointed out that government itself is not really the problem, it is the “belief in government” that is the fundamental problem. Larken Rose explains,

“‘Government’ itself does no harm, because it is a fictional entity. But the belief in ‘government’—the notion that some people actually have the moral right to rule over others—has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, injustice and oppression, enslavement and death. The fundamental problem does not reside in any set of buildings, or any group of politicians, or any gang of soldiers or enforcers. The fundamental problem is not an organization that can be voted out, or overthrown, or ‘reformed.’ The fundamental problem is the belief itself—the delusion, superstition and myth of ‘authority’—which resides in the minds of several billion human beings, including those who have suffered the most because of that belief. Ironically, the belief in ‘authority’ dramatically affects the perception and actions even of those who are actively fighting against a particular regime. The superstition drastically alters and limits the ways in which dissenters ‘fight’ oppression, and renders nearly all of their efforts impotent. Furthermore, on the rare occasion that a particular tyrant is toppled, one form of oppression is almost always replaced by another—often one that is even worse than the prior one. Instead of fighting against a non-existent beast, what ‘freedom fighters’ need to do is to recognize that it is not real, that it does not exist, that it cannot exist, and then act accordingly. Of course, if only a few people overcome the superstition, they will likely be ridiculed, condemned, attacked, imprisoned or murdered by those who are still firm believers in the myth. But when even a significant minority of people outgrow the superstition, and change their behavior accordingly, the world will drastically change. When the people actually want true freedom, they will achieve it without the need for any election or revolution. The trouble is, almost no one actually wants humanity to be free, and almost no one opposes oppression in principle. The effects of the myth of ‘authority’ remain intact even in the minds of most people who consider themselves to be rebels, non-conformists and freethinkers.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 165-166]

A Society with No Rulers

Many people will have serious concerns about a society without government because living under government is all they’ve ever known, and they probably have never even seriously entertained the thought. It really requires thinking outside of the box, and it is challenging to visualize if you are new to the concept. But having no government does not mean that anything goes and there are no rules or standards to live by, it means that people take responsibility for themselves and govern themselves. So, the question arises about law and order. Eric Dubay says,

“What good are laws? Good people don’t need them and bad people don’t heed them. Why pay and empower unaffected parties to deliver standardized punishment for standardized offenses? Why not take back justice so that it’s Just Us that decides what’s just in each situation? Anarchy is humanity’s natural state. Just as Government and Control are synonymous, so too are Anarchy and Freedom. Anarchy is the freedom to exist without being ruled by a violent, coercive minority that steals taxes and controls the money, media, military, police, laws, courts, and education.” 4[Eric Dubay]

People also assume that if we were living in a society of no rulers that it would be completely chaotic, lawless, and dangerous. Again, this just goes back to the only reality that we have ever known, and it is actually a failure of recognizing all of the chaos and tyranny that we have witnessed under government. And it is a failure to recognize how millions of people have been killed by their own government, and manipulated into artificial division through propaganda and forced into wars. To fear total freedom because of the potential danger while at the same time failing to recognize the state of chaos, death and destruction while living under government is truly being blind and hypocritical. People feeling the false sense of security while living under tyranny while at the same time fearing true freedom, this is in fact Stockholm Syndrome, where a person who is kidnapped has some weird sort of emotional attachment to their captor. Even if the opportunity arises that they can escape from their situation, they choose to remain a hostage and prisoner. That is most of the population today, who because of all the propaganda, government indoctrination, and social conditioning it is extremely hard for people to accurately see their current state of oppression and how evil and corrupt government truly is, and how much better off society would be where people would be in total freedom. Keith Knight wisely points out,

“It’s incredible because they’re always terrified that that there might be a chaotic situation in the absence of government. Well, if we’re just taking America for example, there was a civil war that killed like half a million people when the country was 150th of the size it is now, so it’s not like government doesn’t cause chaos. Isn’t it a little chaotic and burdensome on the society when a few million men are enslaved to fight wars based on lies in Vietnam, in the European Theater twice within like 20 years? I mean, that’s pretty chaotic… Imagine if we just would have gotten rid of the state in 1913, no Federal Reserve, no income tax, no World War One, no World War Two. And then maybe the state would have come back by the Vietnam and Cold War era, but you wouldn’t have had the Soviet Union or National Socialist Germany. So the idea that we can’t have no state because bad things might happen, excuse me, with the state worse things happen!”51

Joe Murray, in the same conversation with Keith Knight, expands on this and mentions how the idea of some who advocate smaller government and going back to a constitutional republic wont work at this point, saying,

“I don’t see how the world could be any more chaotic than it has been with government in place. And you know, in a stateless society people would learn how to cooperate with each other. They would have to, but they really don’t feel the incentive to do so now. And people talk about weaning us off of big government back to like a constitutional republic. It’s like first of all if you think that the government’s ever going to relinquish the powers that you’ve given them, then you’re just you’re insane, it is not going to happen. So I say, pull the system down and let it come crashing down. Let it be as chaotic as it has to be until people grow the f**k up and learn how to behave.” 52[Joe Murray]

Also, Joe Murray, when describing Libertarians and Constitutionalists, to whom he gives credit for having an understanding of freedom and are partially on track, they still can’t visualize a society without a ruling class, and they get hung up on the idea of an anarchist society, he says,

“You’re scared a true freedom, bottom line. That’s the truth of the matter. Also, the answer is no rulers. That’s it. They (Libertarians and Constitutionalists) are like, ‘what would we do about this and that?’ You want to know what the answer is to what would be done about those things in absence of government? Want to know what the answer is? Who f***ing cares, that’s your answer! Who f***ing cares! Grow the f*** up and figure it out. You only have the right to protect yourself, your family, your property and other innocents and that’s it. As far as how society would function without a ruling class, who gives a s**t. Grow the f**k up, take responsibility for your own lives, and then get together with others in your community and figure it out. That’s it. There isn’t a master plan to cover every one of your f***ing fears and concerns. True freedom is dangerous! And I choose dangerous freedom over complacent tranquil f***ing servitude any day. Especially what’s going on today, any day! You know, because as the saying goes, ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’” 45[Joe Murray]

But opponents to the concept of a society without a ruling class argue that there needs to be government because people simply are unable to rule themselves and they cannot be trusted, and it would degrade society into a barbarian or Mad Max type of existence. But this argument is taken on by Larken Rose, saying,

“The debate between statism and anarchism (or voluntaryism) is often incorrectly assumed to be a question of whether people are inherently good and trustworthy and therefore need no controllers, or are inherently bad and untrustworthy and therefore need ‘government’ to control them. In truth, whether humans are all good, all bad, or something in between, the belief in ‘authority’ is still an irrational superstition. But the most popular excuse for ‘government’—that people are bad and need to be controlled—inadvertently exposes the lunacy inherent in all statism. If human beings are so careless, stupid and malicious that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing on their own, how would the situation be improved by taking a subset of those very same careless, stupid and malicious human beings and giving them societal permission to forcibly control all the others? Why would anyone think that rearranging and reorganizing a group of dangerous beasts would make them civilized? The answer hints at the mythological nature of the belief in ‘authority.’ It is not merely a different arrangement of human beings that authoritarians seek, but the involvement of some superhuman entity, with rights that human beings do not have, and with virtues that human beings do not have, which can be used to keep all the untrustworthy humans in line. To say that human beings are so flawed that they need to be controlled—a common refrain among statists—implies that something other than human beings needs to do the controlling. But no matter how hard you study ‘government,’ you will find that it is always run entirely by people. Saying that ‘government’ is necessary because people are untrustworthy is as irrational as saying that if someone is being attacked by a swarm of bees, the solution is to create an authoritarian hierarchy among the bees, assigning some of the bees the duty of preventing the other bees from doing harm. However dangerous the bees may be, such a ‘solution’ is ridiculous. What the believers really want out of ‘government’ is a huge, unstoppable power that will be used for good. But there is no magic trick, political or otherwise, capable of guaranteeing that justice will occur, that the ‘good guys’ will win or that the innocent will be protected and cared for. The giant, superhuman, magical savior that statists insist is needed to save humanity from itself does not exist. On this planet, at least, human beings are the top—there is nothing above them to control them and make them behave properly, and hallucinating such a superhuman entity does not make it real, nor does it help the situation.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 37-38]

A Shift in Consciousness. Morality

As we look at what is going on in the world today it is obvious that people have been deceived and conditioned into believing that obedience and compliance to the ruling class are signs of virtuous and high moral standards, and those who questions authority and choose to not comply in submissive obedience are immoral, and often looked at as being uneducated and foolish. And the key to understanding why such a large amount of the population believe that obedience and compliance to authority is true morality, it is important to understand that the educational system, from the beginning of government education in America and other places was specifically designed to produce obedient slave-minded people that cannot think for themselves.

“Originally when standardized curriculums became a thing in the 1800s there was this key figure named Horace Mann, and he adopted the model that the Prussians were using, which was this top down, authoritarian, with the intent of molding the student, so they can be good productive, not thinking outside the box citizens, and they can go into the factories and they can be unquestioningly loyal to the government. He has a quote where he says the Prussians were using public education to crush the independent spirits of their children to ensure loyalty to their leader. And so that’s kind of the foundation of what public education grew out of in this country, even though maybe it has a nicer veneer nowadays really when you explore what’s being put out there. It’s a lot of people that aren’t thinking for themselves and that are worshiping the presidency in the United States government, and I think in large part, the public education system is why we have so many people that just buy the status quo narrative hook line and sinker whether it’s COVID, terrorism, or whatever is the problem. You’re taught that authority is right. Like every single question has an answer and not only an answer but a way to get to that answer. And if you get the answer even though it’s right, if you don’t do it the right way it’s still wrong. And if you put somebody through 13 years of that, and then a lot of people go to college now so another four to eight years, whatever it takes for people, then that person is so programmed that they can’t think for themselves, like, until that conditioning is broken. They cannot think any different than they’ve been trained, and training is really important. We understand that that’s what we’re talking about is that Prussian system, it’s not a teaching system, it’s a training system.”49

People often wonder how, in Nazi Germany, and other times and places in history, how the general population in those areas could have participated in genocide, slavery, etc., or just watched those horrific things happen and just stayed silent. Or how they could have kept their heads down and mouth shut, or even worse they obeyed and complied with the evil authoritarians while criticizing those who were not obeying and complying, and even ratted out those who were trying to unite against the tyrants for their own freedom and the freedom of those who ratted them out. History is most definitely repeating itself. If you look around at the state of the world today and how government is pushing for all-out fascism, you will see so many people behaving exactly the way they did in Nazi Germany when the public either turned a blind eye or were complying with an evil regime. And folks, that is the perfect demonstration why obedience to authority can be very immoral. The excuse of “I was just following orders” while going along with tyranny is evil and immoral no matter how you try to justify it. That is when disobedience and non-compliance to authority is the moral thing to do when rights and freedoms are being stripped away, because that never leads to anything but tyranny and genocide. Your belief in and compliance to authority is one of the main reasons that is happening. For Mark Passio says,

“As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved. All you need to do is observe the manifested result; are we as a species free, or are we as a species enslaved? And if you’re honest about the answer to that question, answering it will allow you to see exactly how truly moral we are as a people and as a species. If we’re being honest with ourselves, this isn’t very encouraging. And to be even more honest and frank, most of you are contributing to the negative manifestation, the negative result by the very nature of what you yourselves still cling to in your belief system, which is false, and immoral. Until your own mind changes, the reality around you cannot become changed for the better. That is universal law. We are manifesting exactly what we do not want because we are as a species, almost completely unconscious, of how the real laws of manifestation work. They work better based upon whether we are truly moral beings or not. And as a species, we are most certainly immoral beings, because of what we believe and what we continue to condone. Humanity deserves what it gets, and it will get what it deserves.” 47[Mark Passio]

Also, it is extremely hard for many people who have spent their whole lives being indoctrinated with the concept of authority to see that it is quite immoral for the population to expect government to use threats of force, violence, and coercion against their fellow citizens and do things that they themselves would never dream of doing. We have been conditioned to accept and embrace the idea that we can have government to basically steal not only our own money through taxation, but our fellow citizens as well, thousands of dollars a year on average, some people millions, but for they themselves would not think of stealing and taking their money by force. But they feel it is right and just to vote for people to go and steal the money from citizens, and people have been conditioned to think it is even patriotic to have their own money stolen from themselves! Some people take pride in having their own money taken by force, and spent on so many evil, horrific and wasteful things that they don’t even support! Most people, if they truly looked at where all the billions and trillions of dollars a year goes into, if they got to choose where and what they wanted their money to be spent on, it would probably only be a small percentage of where all that money goes, considering much of that money goes to the wealthiest people, wars that people don’t support, things like the tyrannical Homeland Security budget that is nothing but our own oppressive chains, political bribe money, etc. Our life-long conditioning has gotten us to the point where many of us fail to see the absurdity in that, but if we look at the belief in authority through a different lens and try to think outside of the box that we have been indoctrinated and trained to stay within, then it can perhaps cause some people to have an epiphany and lead them to start questioning their own point of view and perception of things. Most people advocate the Golden Rule, “treat others the way that you want to be treated,” but for some reason we believe that it is right to have government to do things by force and vote for “representatives” to treat people in ways that we would not treat them. Joe Murray explains,

“Besides you have no right to vote. You’re voting for a ruler to impose on everyone else. You’re voting for one person who you not only want to control you, but millions of other people, and you have no right to do that. You’re voting for someone who you want to control an entire geographical area, in theory at least, and force people into the programs and services that you want funded through your ruler. You know it doesn’t matter if he’d rob everyone less than another criminal. You don’t have the right to vote for someone who, you know, robs less, and to think that they have the right to dictate to my life. 45[Joe Murray]

Eric Dubay adds,

“For governments to be moral institutions, all taxes and interactions must be made voluntary.  If governments are honestly in existence for our benefit then they must be voluntary and never initiate the use of force against their populations.  That kind of authoritarian violence and coercion is not allowed or acceptable in any other facet of our lives; we wouldn’t put up with it, so why do we sheepishly line up to vote for a new puppet president every 4 years, thinking they are somehow going to make the mafia moral?” 4[Eric Dubay]

Obviously, the Golden Rule is the ideal standard for morality. If society operated based upon the Golden Rule then there would be no need for a justice system that is loaded down with thousands of laws that many people don’t even know, therefore many people are abused in this failed system of corruption. Having the right knowledge of the belief in authority is the key to bringing a true shift in consciousness that will begin to turn things around. The only answer is an enlightened population to no longer participate in this tyrannical system, because the only way it can keep us in chains is for us to comply. We can put a stop to all of this tyranny very quickly if we just said no! But as long as people continue to support their immoral belief in government authority then we will continue to be taken into the end game of the New World Order (Great Reset). But if people did somehow wake up in time to turn this all around there is still going to be a long road ahead. Governments, which are controlled by the One Percent (Global Cabal) is not going to just roll over at this point because they have so much invested in their globalist agenda, and we have given up and handed over so much of our freedoms throughout the years, they are not just going to let their power go. Joe Murray gives a sobering perspective about what it is going to take and where this is headed,

“Look, this is a philosophical war. I keep saying, the only way true change could come about is through a massive shift in consciousness, a total change of our collective perception, which can only come about by us taking in the knowledge that is required. For us to be able to identify and shatter the false dogmatic beliefs that have been causing us to collectively project a f***ing nightmare of a reality by supporting and taking part in the actions that are perpetuating and worsening our condition, certain knowledge is required. There is no way around it. Otherwise, this leads to its inevitable outcome which is bloodshed. You know when we can get to where we need to be mentally in order to begin to collectively project and manifest that different reality, naturally and organically, it always leads to a physical conflict because unfortunately, how far we allowed this all to go, even if we get there in consciousness, we’re still going to have to defend ourselves because there’s too many people that are not going to wake up, and that will die fighting to protect the system. So, we have to be mentally prepared for that, because that is what is going to happen. Unfortunately, either way, we are in this situation because of the mind state of the vast overwhelming majority of the population. We are the relative handful of people who know what’s really going on and who truly want freedom. And we’re surrounded by hordes upon hordes of just straight up brain dead retards who couldn’t give a f**k about rights or freedom, nor do know how badly they’re being manipulated and how badly their minds and souls are actually owned. You know, what other options do we have if we can’t reach enough people with words and with knowledge? It has to get physical at some point, unfortunately, when tyranny and chaos keeps evolving. And that’s something we are trying to avoid as much as we possibly can. That’s why I’m saying while we still have the ability to reach people on a large scale and aren’t totally locked the f**k down and outright censored, we need to still try to reach people with knowledge and try to lessen the blow and lessen the chaos. Otherwise it’s going to be really, really f***ing bad. Look at how bad we have allowed it to get. I don’t see any way that this will not end with any kind of bloodshed. You know, that’s just being honest.” 45[Joe Murray]

Natural Law and Right and Wrong

The concept of Natural Law is passionately taught by Mark Passio, Joe Murray, and others, who teach that there are principles of right and wrong that do not hinge on any human authority, and that it surpasses all human authority. I am not going to devote a lot of space in this book on this concept, not because I think it doesn’t deserve it, but because I feel it is too important of a concept and that I am not the right person, at this point in time, to relay the concept in the manner it deserves. But I do recommend the teachings of Mark Passio on Natural Law, who is the leading expert on it. Mark has a website called What On Earth Is Happening52, where he has provided many hours of video content where he thoroughly teaches it. Another great source for learning about Natural Law is Joe Murray, and he has a website devoted to Natural Law called Freedom For All53.

On December 6, 2020, Mark Passio delivered a speech for an anti-lockdown rally in Philadelphia where he talked about the inner core of the problem that we are experiencing today, that is that the tyranny of government is due to our false belief in authority. He also offered the solution that will remedy the problem, and that is Natural Law, saying,

“The only solution is to develop an understanding of Natural Law, the moral laws that truly govern our entire universe, and our own human existence by ensuring that we personally experience from this world exactly what we have put into this world through our thoughts and actions. When you study how Natural Law works, you will discover that whether humanity experiences freedom or slavery, is part of this body of moral laws. I personally refer to this dynamic as the law of freedom. As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved. All you need to do is observe the manifested result. Are we as a species free, or are we as a species enslaved? And if you’re honest about the answer to that question, answering it will allow you to see exactly how truly moral we are as a people and as a species.” 47[Mark Passio]

The working definition of Natural Law, given by Michael Gleeson54 is, “Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior for all intelligent beings. Natural Law is a set of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.” Mark Passio in the speech above further elaborated,

“The definitive matter of fact truth is that there is no authority vested in humanity. The laws of the creator of the universe are the only authority in nature, our rights come from the creator of the universe and its spiritual moral laws, not from humankind, not from government. You cannot petition an illegitimate authority for rights that are your birthright. Government has no moral legitimacy to exist, and no so-called authority has the right to make a claim of ownership upon your body, your property, or the fruits of your labor. Any such claim is the claim of ownership upon you, which is called slavery.”47

It is very important to point out that when people hear the term “Natural Law” that they often assume it to be related to the animal kingdom or something like that, but it is not. Joe Murray explains what Natural Law is and what it is not, saying,

“Natural Law actually is an umbrella term for a set of inherent moral laws that have been woven into the very fabric of our reality which deliver us, which deliver the behavioral consequences for beings with the mental capacity capable of discovering the objective difference between harmful and non-harmful actions. This applies to us, intelligent life, if you want to call us that. But it applies to human beings, and beyond whatever else is out there in the cosmos, beyond the intelligence of human beings which shouldn’t be that hard to imagine so. You know, this has nothing to do with the animal kingdom. The moral laws of creation do not apply to the animal kingdom, they are not bound by the same moral standards as we are, because we could come to understand these principles, as to where the animal kingdom cannot. They do not have the mental capacity to sit and reason and discuss philosophical concepts and discover what’s objectively and inherently right behavior and what is objectively and inherently wrong behavior. We’re not talking about the new age variant of karma either. We’re not talking about this instantaneous karma where you f**k somebody over in some way and you walk outside your front door and a piano falls on your head. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the moral behavioral laws which govern entire populations. These are the laws of freedom, where depending upon how the aggregate of a population behaves will depend upon if that population produces a society which is orderly harmonious with each other and with nature, and which is ultimately free, or chaotic, out of balance with each other in nature and enslaved ultimately. And there is an observable provable science to this. This is not a belief system in any way. So, in order to understand Natural Law, you need to understand that true morality is not what most people believe morality is, which is exactly why humanity is in the situation it’s in and has been enslaved for the longest time. You need to understand that morality is objective, meaning that it is not subjective, it’s not for people to just arbitrarily decide what’s considered right behavior and wrong behavior based upon their likes, whims, and preferences at any given time or location. Its objective and inherent, and it exists independently of our perceptions, and it’s there for us to discover, and we either align our behavior with it and live in harmony or live in opposition to.” 50[Joe Murray]


When it comes to getting humanity on track to free themselves, the first step is for them to understand that their rulers have no right to have authority over them unless humanity prefers to be slaves. Unfortunately, a percentage of humanity loves their servitude and they cannot imagine life without a ruling class, and there is nothing we can do to change their minds. No level of tyranny will change their minds, and especially nothing that we say will either. But as tyranny is getting more severe and extreme, many people realize that it is wrong. And if they realize that they don’t have to be slaves if they don’t want to, then it is going to require action and courage. And the first step is nothing more than a realization that you are a sovereign being! As the sixteenth century French writer Etienne de La Boetie says,

“Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.”59

This first step is vital and necessary, and it can all be stopped by just saying no. Compliance and obedience to tyranny is the only thing keeping it alive. Max Igan says it perfectly,

“There need be no violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global noncompliance. Noncompliance for anything in conflict with the directives outlined in the universal declaration of human rights would be a good start. Simply stop giving these people the power to control you. Understand that the only power they have is the power the people themselves grant to them. Understand that injustice towards one is injustice towards all. Injustice against him, is injustice against you and there should be no grey area in your mind in regard to that. Everyone needs to stop going along with it and it needs to be done immediately. It’s time to cut the head off the snake. The Revolution is not coming. The Revolution is now.” 11[Max Igan]

And to top it off, Larken Rose says,

“On the bright side, removing that danger—the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced, in fact—does not require changing the fundamental nature of man, or converting all hatred to love, or performing any other drastic alteration to the state of the universe. Instead, it requires only that people recognize and then let go of one particular superstition, one irrational lie that almost everyone has been taught to believe. In one sense, most of the world’s problems could be solved overnight if everyone did something akin to giving up the belief in Santa Claus. Any idea or proposed solution to a problem that depends upon the existence of ‘government,’ and that includes everything within the realm of politics, is inherently invalid.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 20]

If we can just come to this realization that we are not supposed to be slaves and realize that government is invalid and their authority is imaginary, then we need to help others see this as well so they can break the mind control. Jeff Berwick says,

“What needs to be done, right now, is for everyone to wake up and stand up. They will not be alone. As more and more people move toward wakefulness, the easier it becomes for others to do the same. The universe wants humanity to wake up and will guide everyone toward wakefulness if they create the right conditions – until eventually, wakefulness becomes normal for the whole of the human race.” 60[Jeff Berwick]  

But time is running out quickly because the Cabal knows that humanity is beginning to wake up, so they are racing towards the finish line in order to fulfill their agenda. Those who are not waking up and think that their compliance and obedience is required are also believing that the rest of us who are pushing back are preventing the government from solving the problems of the world, so this causes further division, and it makes it that much more challenging. The blind sheep of the world are dragging the rest of us into the global slavery system that we are trying to push back against. As mentioned above, there is going to come a point where if the battle can’t be resolved mentally and spiritually then it will have to become physical at some point. This is what we are trying so hard to avoid, which is why some of us are working so hard to help people understand what is going on. Otherwise, when they come to physically assault and force us into their intended slavery system, what are you going to do? What do you think all of this is leading to? Mark Passio alluded to the solution when asked by someone who asked this question, “Once injections become mandatory, what is the best way to resist so called authority figures?” Mark said,

“And the answer is, with weapons of warfare. That’s it. That should be, and always should remain in the hands of the population for just such eventualities. That is what the Second Amendment is in place for in the United States, but it is not a constitutional right, it is a natural right. Self-defense with firearms is a natural inherent right of self-defense in the self-defense principle under natural law under the laws of the creator of the universe. No man ever made that, and no man or woman can ever take it away. That is a natural inherent right. And the answer is, when that situation manifests itself, that is what is going to need to be done. I would say we’re already in the situation where we should have already physically rebelled, we’re already in that situation for physical rebellion. Not only should it have already been put on the table and considered, but it should have been exercised already. We’re actually late to the party, folks… Who has a right to put anything in your body? Did any of the kings of the ancient world have the right to do what they did? Did they ever have a right to rule their subjects, ever? Did they have a right to make kingly decrees and force people to do it by an act of their will, and say ‘if you don’t do it, I’m going to send my military squad against you,’ the kings’ henchmen? Kingship and rulership has never been moral, it’s always been based in violence and coercion, it’s always been a euphemism for slavery. Kingship, rulership, Pharaonic dynasties, it’s all slavery. That’s all it ever has been. Government is the same thing, you’re just taking the power that was once invested in one individual as the supreme authority and you’re divesting into an oligarchy few and calling them government.” 61[Mark Passio]

After reading the content in this book I think everyone should have a basic idea what kind of world the Global Cabal wants and intends on creating, that is a Global Fascist Dictatorship. As for me I want a world of true freedom, and I am sure many of you agree as well. I will end this book here with a wonderful large list of essentials that humanity should demand and set as the standard for true freedom!

“This is OUR New World Opportunity: No more corporate media with their half-century-long track record of lying to the public over and over again. No more voting, because no more politicians. No more lobbying industry to push the corporate agenda. No more military. No more Federal Reserve. The $26 trillion in debt owed by the American government to the Federal Reserve bank should be wiped away without any additional payments being made. Money should not be controlled by the government… or the central banks. Nothing should be controlled by the governments and central banks. Begin using private cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero. No more banks. No more IRS. No more government indoctrination camps. Rewrite the history books with accurate information, not slanted stories about American heroism and empire- building talking points. No more government healthcare system. Throw Big Pharma out of the public schools with their forced vaccination programs, psychotropic drugging of children, and the intentional dumbing-down of American society through the use of their products. No more GMO food and no more Monsanto and other Agra businesses that poison the food supply with their glyphosate and other known carcinogenic pesticides. Take their Board of Directors and C-level executives and put them on trial for their crimes against the people of the world. No more governmental criminal activity more commonly known as civil asset forfeiture, income tax, property tax, state tax, usage taxes, and licensing fees. No more National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Patriot Act, NAFTA, and the Five Eyes agreement. They are not in the best interest of the people. No more United Nations, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund. No more Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, and other globalist organizations. No more ridiculous things that play up the stupidity of Americans like Daylight Saving Time, Black Friday, and Columbus Day. No more killing people, both at home and abroad, especially with drones. No more torturing people while proclaiming to the world that they are somehow the victims. No more funding of “intelligence agencies” for spies, regime change operators, blackmail, theft, false flag attacks, and assassination. No more weaponization of words, the silly push towards 53 different genders, safe spaces, and last-place trophies. All of this crap has to stop right away in order for the world, in general, and the American people, in particular, to believe that things are really changing. It can be done, but it has to happen now.” 60[Jeff Berwick]


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