This book will allow readers to walk away with a solid understanding of “the powers that be,” who I prefer to call (the powers that “should not” be). The Global Cabal who is behind all the wars, poverty, inequality, false-flags events, etc., are described in this book in a very straight-forward easy to understand manner. In order to not be fooled by the tricks of the magician you need to know how the magician does his tricks. Once you know who this force is and how they manipulate society, you will no longer be fooled by their tactics and schemes. This book will give you a clear understanding of how this Global Network is structured and how they operate. And this book also lays out what kind of resistance is needed by the population in order to defeat this dark tyrannical Cult and to achieve true freedom!

Download the Free PDF of this book!

You can also buy the book in print on Amazon, and you can also purchase the book in Kindle format!


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