By John Litteral

As we look at what is going on in the world today it is obvious that people have been deceived and conditioned into believing that obedience and compliance to the ruling class are signs of virtuous and high moral standards, and those who questions authority and choose to not comply in submissive obedience are immoral, and often looked at as being uneducated and foolish. And the key to understanding why such a large amount of the population believe that obedience and compliance to authority is true morality, it is important to understand that the educational system, from the beginning of government education in America and other places was specifically designed to produce obedient slave-minded people that cannot think for themselves.

“Originally when standardized curriculums became a thing in the 1800s there was this key figure named Horace Mann, and he adopted the model that the Prussians were using, which was this top down, authoritarian, with the intent of molding the student, so they can be good productive, not thinking outside the box citizens, and they can go into the factories and they can be unquestioningly loyal to the government. He has a quote where he says the Prussians were using public education to crush the independent spirits of their children to ensure loyalty to their leader. And so that’s kind of the foundation of what public education grew out of in this country, even though maybe it has a nicer veneer nowadays really when you explore what’s being put out there. It’s a lot of people that aren’t thinking for themselves and that are worshiping the presidency in the United States government, and I think in large part, the public education system is why we have so many people that just buy the status quo narrative hook line and sinker whether it’s COVID, terrorism, or whatever is the problem. You’re taught that authority is right. Like every single question has an answer and not only an answer but a way to get to that answer. And if you get the answer even though it’s right, if you don’t do it the right way it’s still wrong. And if you put somebody through 13 years of that, and then a lot of people go to college now so another four to eight years, whatever it takes for people, then that person is so programmed that they can’t think for themselves, like, until that conditioning is broken. They cannot think any different than they’ve been trained, and training is really important. We understand that that’s what we’re talking about is that Prussian system, it’s not a teaching system, it’s a training system.”1

People often wonder how, in Nazi Germany, and other times and places in history, how the general population in those areas could have participated in genocide, slavery, etc., or just watched those horrific things happen and just stayed silent. Or how they could have kept their heads down and mouth shut, or even worse they obeyed and complied with the evil authoritarians while criticizing those who were not obeying and complying, and even ratted out those who were trying to unite against the tyrants for their own freedom and the freedom of those who ratted them out. History is most definitely repeating itself. If you look around at the state of the world today and how government is pushing for all-out fascism, you will see so many people behaving exactly the way they did in Nazi Germany when the public either turned a blind eye or were complying with an evil regime. And folks, that is the perfect demonstration why obedience to authority can be very immoral. The excuse of “I was just following orders” while going along with tyranny is evil and immoral no matter how you try to justify it. That is when disobedience and non-compliance to authority is the moral thing to do when rights and freedoms are being stripped away, because that never leads to anything but tyranny and genocide. Your belief in and compliance to authority is one of the main reasons that is happening. For Mark Passio says,

“As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved. All you need to do is observe the manifested result; are we as a species free, or are we as a species enslaved? And if you’re honest about the answer to that question, answering it will allow you to see exactly how truly moral we are as a people and as a species. If we’re being honest with ourselves, this isn’t very encouraging. And to be even more honest and frank, most of you are contributing to the negative manifestation, the negative result by the very nature of what you yourselves still cling to in your belief system, which is false, and immoral. Until your own mind changes, the reality around you cannot become changed for the better. That is universal law. We are manifesting exactly what we do not want because we are as a species, almost completely unconscious, of how the real laws of manifestation work. They work better based upon whether we are truly moral beings or not. And as a species, we are most certainly immoral beings, because of what we believe and what we continue to condone. Humanity deserves what it gets, and it will get what it deserves.” 2

1 Jack Spirko podcast episode 6, 7-20-2020

2 Mark Passio, video Are You Really the Good Guys? 12-12-2020


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