I remember 4 years ago when the debate for building a wall on the American/Mexican border was hot and heavy, and I shared a concern about the purpose of the wall. As the public was being told it was to keep Mexicans out of America, I thought that this wall could be used at some point to keep Americans in. And watching the New World Order agenda unroll before our very eyes, and how America is becoming transformed into something else, and how there’s a controlled demolition being imposed on the economy and human rights and freedoms, it seems even more possible to me that there could be a day and time where things can get bad enough that Americans might look at fleeing to Mexico as a preferred option. With the level of tyrannical technological capabilities that the American government has to turn the land of the free into a distopian hell, Mexico may look like a place of refuge in the future. Just a thought. I was reminded this morning about this after watching a video by Jeff Berwick who said the same thing about the potential purpose of the wall. Watch my video below where I discuss this further. And I will also provide Jeff Berwick’s video underneath my video, it is an excellent video!


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