One concern that I’ve had for a while about the upcoming COVID-19 “vaccine” is that it will be the cause of a real spread of a virus and the cause of a real pandemic, unlike the fake pandemic that governments and the mainstream media has been trying to convince us of for 9 months now. The obvious lies and deception about Covid has been astonishing for those of us who see through it, and there’s a great argument to be made that there has not been a new virus infecting people but rather people getting sick from the usual illnesses that people always get sick from but having those illnesses re-designated as COVID-19. Everything has been called COVID-19, such as headaches, common cold, flu, pneumonia, motorcycle wrecks, and even no symptoms being called COVID-19. The main reason that this was made possible is because of the PCR test being used to test people, and it was never meant to be used to test for infectious diseases. But with this testing procedure they have been able to create tremendous amounts of false positives. Im afraid history is repeating itself. The Spanish flu pandemic is believed by some to have actually spread the virus by US soldiers who were infected by the vaccines. And if this happens after they inject this new vaccine in the population, then this will spread a real virus and we will have a real pandemic on our hands, and it will further unroll the New World Order agenda that we’ve watched unroll since the Covid scam began. Please watch the video below where I discuss this more fully.


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