A logical question is why doesn’t America tell our debters to piss off, and eliminate our debt that way? If America was actually a sovereign nation like we’ve been led to believe our whole lives then that could be possible. In the video below I discuss how America is basically owned by the Global Cabal, Illuminati, who owns and controls the world banking system, and that any political leader who thinks for a second that we should break out of that system is quickly reminded of the others who tried and ended up assassinated. This Cabal system has America and many other countries locked and bound in this debt based economic system, where the banks print money out of thin air and loan it to countries while charging them interest, and then conspire wars and catastrophic events that cause these countries to take more loans and then go into more massive debt. Once countries can’t pay the loans and their economy crashes then the banks take their assets, which is the real wealth. I discuss that and more in the video below.


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