For those who understand what is happening in the world and realize that humanity is under attack and that a Global Network that is unrolling the New World Order, which is meant to be a global technological prison, it can be difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. Especially when looking around at a population that is so blinded by propaganda and are falling for a massive scam, that quite basically is in our faces and obvious to those who question official narratives and use critical thinking and independent research. Trying to find positives in such turmoil and darkness is a challenge, but I think that we have some opportunities to turn this around and make a difference. One thing that is making a difference is people are becoming more distrustful of the mainstream media and government. There’s a long way to go but that is vital if we are going to break the mind control PSYOP that has most of the population living in deception. Next step is to find alternative information and do our own research and get as informed as possible. That way we can share information with others with confidence and clarity.

Please watch the video below where I discuss this more fully!


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