True anarchy is totally opposite from what the word has been portrayed and perceived by many people today. Unfortunately today when people hear the word they relate it to the rioters that we’ve watched lately on TV who loot and burn down businesses and cities. But those rioters are not true anarchists by any means, they are Marxists and Fascists who want total government control and the destruction of freedom of speech and liberties. True Anarchy is the belief that people have the right to rule over themselves and that government is an illegitimate establishment. Anarchists believe that there should be no rulers, and that all human transactions should be voluntary as long as no harm to others is done. As long as the Golden Rule is kept then everything will work itself out. I myself have been sincerely embracing true Anarchy for a relatively short period, and thanks to my research of how the world really runs and those who control world events, and especially watching the roll out of the New World Order, true anarchy has started to make more sense than ever to me. I highly recommend people to listen to Mark Passio and Joe Murray about what they teach about true anarchy, they are the pros that understand it very deeply. I will provide links to their content below. As for how to take on the New World Order agenda it seems like an impossible task and that we have reached the point of no return. But I refuse to throw in the towel and I believe that we can make a difference if we start by enlightening our minds to a better way of thinking about human rights and freedom. That is the starting point. I don’t imagine that the human population will embrace anarchy as a whole nor will it miraculously be transformed, but I do think that if enough people understand that government has no right to do what they are doing and that each person has the God-given right to live however they want to live as long as they don’t bring harm to others, then that will be a step in the right direction and change can happen for the better. Watch my video below where I talk about this in more depth.

Joe Murray’s website

Mark Passio’s website


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