In order to get the population to surrender their freedoms and liberties and embrace their own slavery and accept the New World Order agenda, the main ingredient is fear. That’s the trick! Just convince the people that they can die (which is inevitable), and the people will abandon any critical thinking skills they have and accept the “solution” given by the rulers of government. And they will accept the “solutions” given without question even when those solutions cause far more damage than the very thing they have been suckered into fearing! Lockdowns and mandates such as masks are nothing more than tools to create more illnesses and death that helps make a feedback loop that creates more sickness that will make all these fake virus numbers even larger which in turn “justifies” government to take more rights away, which will allow them to quickly have total control over the people. Please watch the video below where I go into this more fully, and where I discuss how masks are actually contributing to increased sickness! Please share this link to the world!


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