More Extreme Lockdowns Coming!

We are heading into a second round of lockdowns, as expected. But some people may not understand that this next round is going to be more extreme than the first round months ago. The main purpose of these lockdowns is to crash the world economy and create a greater dependency upon government, in order to justify a complete transformation in human society and to usher in the Great Reset, which is the New World Order. This fake pandemic is the Trojan Horse to usher in this agenda. This Global Network, Illuminati, has orchestrated this attack on humanity and are using it to gain total control of the world and to carry out their very old agenda for a Global Fascist Dictatorship, one world government. Unless humanity pushes back with everything we’ve got, and do it hard and fast, then this is going to happen! The hardest obstacle is to get people to understand that we are under attack in the first place, because many people only perceive current events as random events and are blinded by mainstream media propaganda. This is not random, and more and more people are starting to realize that something very bad is happening and are becoming more open to other possibilities and concepts that they were not open to before. But time is running out for us to have a chance to turn this around and avoid becoming slaves to this New World Order slavery system. Please watch the video below where I discuss this in greater detail!


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