Biden Might Be What Trump Supporters Need to Rise Up! Hear Me Out!

When talking about Donald Trump, he has served a purpose for the “powers that should NOT be” in a couple of key ways. One way is that he has been used to take the divide and conquer agenda to another level. Not that Trump himself is responsible for that, but that he has been perceived as a super villian by half of the population due to a relentless 24/7 mainstream media campaign of hard-core propaganda, partisan politics, and Trump antics that rub some people the wrong way. This has played right into the divide and conquer agenda. Another more serious purpose Trump has served in my view that he has been what Max Igan coined a few months ago, that is, Trump has been a Patriot Appeasement Program. What that means is that with the lockdowns that were imposed upon us in America, and Donald Trump being the puppet on the throne, his supporters did not take the action necessary to push back against the lockdowns, but they stood back idle because Trump was in charge. Had Hillary Clinton been president and tried to lockdown the country and put everyone on house arrest and force people to watch their livelihoods to be destroyed, the patriots would have stood up and perhaps we could have fought and gotten our country back. But they set back and let it all happen while trusting Trump and Q and the so-called “plan”. I myself totally despise Biden and what he stands for, but I almost think that America might be better off to have him as the puppet on the throne in order to motivate the Trump supporters, who for the most part make up the majority of the patriots in America who believe in liberty and freedom, who are large enough and passionate enough to take the stand we need to get our country back. No politician is going to save us, its going to be We The People. The buck stops here with us. Please watch the video below where I discuss this further in detail!


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