Lockdowns Are An Act Of War!

Yes folks, we are at war! This is not an exaggeration at all. Anytime a government forces the population to stay inside and watch their livelihoods be destroyed over a fake pandemic that is over a so-called virus that has over a 99 percent survival rate, and having people who refuse to watch their businesses go down the drain to get arrested and fined and sometimes beat up in the process, that ladies and gentlemen is an act of war. Not to mention how people are being told to stay apart while lonely elderly people are held hostage in nursing homes lonely and left to rot and not allowed to have visitors, and many other similarly disgusting things ordered by government. Another lockdown will lead to so much death and destruction on a global scale as the world economy will be completely decimated, only to replace the existing system with their preplanned Great Reset (aka New World Order). It is more important now than ever for police and military to take a moment and ask themselves what they plan to do when they are told to participate in tyranny and enforce inhumane treatment on innocent people. How did the average person in Nazi Germany go along with such horrors and comply with such evil? How did police and military then enforce such things? Well, we are watching the unfolding of what happened in Germany begin to happen on a global scale. I beg police and military to stand with the innocent people of the world and not allow government to carry out this New World Order agenda. Please don’t allow yourself to say at the end of the day that you were just following orders. You may not be convinced right now that this agenda exists for a one world government and global fascism, but as the next year unfolds and you see things unravel and things start to happen that indicate the reality of it, then please take heed and do the right thing. Please check out the video below where I discuss this more fully!


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