Will The Vaccine Cause The REAL Pandemic?

When looking at the last 8 months we’ve been told that we are in a pandemic. But in a real pandemic the statistics and numbers would not have to be manipulated and highly exaggerated the way they have been. There are many reasons why the numbers were so high with cases, and one main reason is because they have been using a test that was never meant to be used for diagnosing viruses, which is called the PCR test. There is even a case to be made that they have never even ideally isolated the virus and proven that it even really exists. But whether or not there is a COVID-19, one thing for sure is that there have been a tremendous amount of false diagnosis and people having other health related issues falsely being called COVID-19. But one thing that I find very concerning is what can happen when the so-called vaccine is rolled out and then a real pandemic is ignited. For what takes years to accomplish when properly creating a vaccine, we are told to trust a vaccine that has been produced in just months. I have no doubts that this vaccine has existed well before that fake pandemic even started but that’s besides the point, but for government and Big Pharma to give the perception that this vaccine was rushed out safely and for them to expect the population to believe and trust them is astonishing to me. Though it should not amaze me considering that large amounts of people who have bought this whole scam hook, line and sinker. The amount of brainwashing and mind control is what is most astonishing. My major concern about the vaccine is that once people are injected with God only knows what, then that is when a real pandemic will happen. This could be an opportunity to infect people with a real deadly virus and then say that COVID has mutated.

Below is a video where I discuss this and also discuss 5G as related to the pandemic.


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