Update On Election Hysteria!!

As I predicted, the mainstream media was going to declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, getting Biden supporters excited while upsetting Trump supporters. One main reason why Trump supporters are upset is the obvious fraud that has taken place. One thing that is very important for people to understand is that there has been many signs in the last year that election fraud was going to happen. News stories were being told for many months prior, which was predictive programming PSYOP news stories, that told of things like mail trucks catching fire, potential mail-in ballot scamming, etc., and then the closer we got to election day we heard stories of missing mail-in ballots and ballots showing up in dumpsters and so on. These weren’t random things being reported on but rather a narrative to get the population to be concerned that, directed predominantly to Trump supporters, to get very upset when they saw their candidate being cheated into a loss. The fact that the media played that narrative and even making it obvious to everyone was a sure sign that that was their intentions. Not trying to hide the fraud but to make it obvious in order to cause half the population to feel cheated. Why would they do that? Simply to cause rage and anxiety and all sort of emotional distress among Trump supporters. And it worked. But that is only to further this PSYOP and cause more division, and to at some point turn the narrative around, as scripted, and have it look as if Trump can possibly get reelected by way of the courts and recounts, and perhaps have some mail-in ballots rejected. Which this will yank the rug out from the Biden supporters and cause major civil unrest and no doubt rioting. I would not be surprised if Trump is declared the winner, and if he is it is not by way of unfolding of random events but rather a well thought out plot by the system that owns and controls both political parties. Trying to predict every move by this global cabal and their puppets is not too difficult once you understand their agenda and where they plan to take the world, but sometimes they do get pretty clever and throw a few unforseen moves along the way. We will see how this will play out. Check out the video below where I discuss this further!


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