The Fake Coup Happening Before Our Eyes!!

There is an orchestrated scripted so-called coup attempt happening in America THAT HAS THE APPEARANCE of having been triggered by the chaotic election process. It is very important that we don’t fall for the usual deception given by the official narrative and all the propaganda that we see on the media. This is all theater in order to divide America and to drive Americans into conflict and unrest in order for the government to have a “justified” reason to use whatever force “necessary” to bring order out of chaos. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS is a PSYOP technique used by governments to cause conflict amongst a population in order to give them grounds to intervene so that they can create whatever form of control over the people. This whole election show is being used to drive the population out of their minds by making both sides feel like they’ve been cheated by the other side while throughout the fake process of counting votes they can turn peoples emotions upside down daily by giving false hope that their man may win and the next day yank the rug out from underneath them, over and over. Please watch the video below where I discuss this in detail.


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