Election Choas, 3 Tips To Prepare!

With election 2020 coming very soon there is a great deal of talk about what may happen. Many people feel like more civil unrest will take place due to all the division. Everything these days is politicized to the max and with the American elections upon us, and considering all the craziness of 2020 that we have seen in the world with the pandemic and riots, many people have been concerned about election day and the following days. So the question is, what will happen and how to prepare for possible chaos?

  1. My first suggestion is to make sure you have a supply of food and water on hand. I have talked about this a lot, and even talked about food shortages are coming. But make sure that you have you and your family enough food set back in the event that chaos happens due to elections. It is possible that election day and days after we will see angry mobs out rioting and fighting. Have food set back so that you can avoid going to the store if it gets that bad where shopping puts you in danger.

2) I also suggest that you are prepared to defend you and your family if by some chance you are confronted by mobs. The BEST defense is avoiding locations that are potentially dangerous. But if the fight comes to you then I highly recommend firearms and other means necessary to defend yourself. If you live in a location that is close to hotspots where rioting is happening then make sure you have an exit plan if possible. Having a bugout location to flee to in the event you are overwhelmed in your current location. Having your vehicle with plenty of gas and some supplies ready to take on a moments notice would be wise.

3) Don’t fall for the divide and conquer agenda! And don’t underestimate the power of government to manipulate the population into civil unrest. People need to understand, that so much of what happens is not originally coming from the average citizens and public, but rather government and people behind the scenes who orchestrate events to destabilize society for control. The riots that we have seen have been funded by people like George Soros and agencies like the CIA, and rioters were bussed into cities where protesters were, and these groups had agent provocateurs who posed as protesters and started riots and led angry mobs to riot and loot and get violent. This tactic of agent provocateuring is a sad reality, and has been a tactic for a very long time. It is used at times by not only government agents but also law enforcement in order to stop protesting by having agents lead riots in order to give them the perceived right to use “necessary” force to bring “order out of chaos”. It is also used to cause more civil unrest to divide the population which gives them more control over the people. My point of bringing this up is to warn you not to take the bait. Do not fall for it because they want us to fight with each other. Politics and ideologies divide people enough as it is, and then when agent provocateuring is in play it leads to serious civil unrest and possibly civil war. Don’t fall for the PSYOP. Check out the video below where I discuss this!


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