Where I stand on Covid19

The world has changed forever and is continuing to be transformed into something. When it comes to what and why and by whom there is a large spectrum of thoughts and ideas that are out there. One end of the spectrum you have those who believe EVERYTHING that the mainstream media says about it and everything their government says to believe about it. And on the other end of the spectrum you have those who believe that it is all a big hoax or scam and Covid is being used to unroll a very sinister agenda on humanity, like the New World Order (the Great Reset). And somewhere in the middle of the spectrum you have those who are not sure what is going on but they do recognize that Covid has been blown way out of proportion and that we have not been told the truth about Covid by the government and media. Unfortunately many people still view everything under the lens of the false left/right paradigm, and they think Covid is being used to gain political advantage such as to dethrone Trump and for American election reasons. But with a little bit of critical thinking one will see that this is a global agenda and all of this is being played out in all nations. This is a global takeover! America is only one piece of the plot in the agenda to create a one world facist dictatorship. The goal is to bring every country under a one world rule, and everyone will be under a tyrannical technocratic way of life, under total servalence, a controlled cashless economic system, microchip implants to track and trace their every move, and ultimately linking the human brain to artificial intelligence. Yes, that is part of the agenda, to link the human brain to AI! They already have the technology being developed by Elon Musk and his company called NeuroLink, and Google is also in on it as well. Do your research, this is all out in the open and they are saying it with their own mouth to the public.

Below is a video where I give a detailed explanation of Covid19 and the scam. I perhaps gave a lighthearted explanation because of YouTube censorship, which I’m quite surprised they haven’t deleted the video already. But I discuss many of the reasons why we have been scammed. I plan to make another video soon where I totally take off the gloves and discuss this Covid scam with no tip toeing around.


One thought on “Where I stand on Covid19

  1. I have a network of contacts/friends which probably spans 10,000 people through their contacts and friends or more. I have asked the question in all directions HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED COVID?… HAS ANYONE YOU KNOW ENCOUNTERED IT or GOD FORBID DIED FROM IT? ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT COMING INTO CONTACT WITH IT?

    The answer every time is NO!

    Where is this thing?

    Why are we worried about it if it does exist?

    The reason we are the most successful mammal on this planet is because we have successfully naturally concord viruses and diseases.

    This bit is where I stand to be shot down in a modern society…………

    By not allowing a threat to the human race to take its natural course we are making that race weaker.

    If this is real and serious why do new sanctions get announced but are not implemented for another 3 days?


    I don’t know but I do KNOW this isn’t right.

    I would mention that I do follow all the rules in my personal life and at work because I trust in my government.

    I just hope they and the rest of the worlds powers are not trying to change the face of the planet.

    The human race success depends on successful breading and the passing on of strong genetics which protect us in the future (not me but our children and our children’s children’s children’s children’s X 100,000)

    Don’t interfere with nature.

    My final thought is that COVID 19 (if it is real) is no more than a nasty flu bug and we should now move on and provide help for the venerable who it appears are mostly elderly and get back to what we do best. Own the planet and live our lives.

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