Understand 911 and you will understand what the hell is going on now!

I began investigating 911 about 5 years ago, and at first I never intended on going down that deep rabbit hole. I give my journey on what led me there in a video below titled “911 and my Awakening”. One major thing I learned was that government is capable of doing anything! Many people say things like ‘they wouldn’t do that’ or they wouldn’t lie THAT bad’. 911 taught me that yes they will and they have done some crazy evil things many many times, and are carrying out the greatest scam in history right now in the present moment with this fake pandemic. The Covid scam is a much greater false flag event then 911. But if you understand 911 and who did it and why, you will understand the Covid World Order much clearer. The same global network that carried out 911 is the same global network behind the Covid scam. This network is made up of secret societies, intelligence agencies, multi national corporations, very wealthy technocrats, and many front men and front organizations. They are all interconnected and carry out the agenda from very secret people who work from the shadows. They are Satanic to the core, and their agenda is total world dominance and control over humanity.

Below are a few videos where I talk about 911. I plan to continue this series on 911 with more videos. I highly recommend people to do their own research on 911 with an open mind, because if you understand 911 then you will understand current events much better.


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